The Red Dead Redemption 2 Map Could Possibly Be Huge, Locations In Trailer Match The Ones On The Leaked Map

If you remember, back in 2016 a leaked Red Dead Redemption 2 Map found its way over the internet, and since then fans have been speculating about the map being as huge as the leak suggests. The leaked map originally appeared on NeoGaf, then following that fans redrew the map as well, all in an attempt to fulfill the desire to see a huge Red Dead Redemption 2 Map. Now though, upon taking a closer look, it turns out that it just might be a possibility.

If you look at the leaked map, you would know that it was not too convincing but it still was something, that fans have hung on to for quite some time now. Although now, equipped with the most recent trailer of the game, we can at least make a few assumptions.

In the trailer of Red Dead Redemption 2, we see mentioned names of a few places which we saw in that old leaked map on NeoGaf. Although not all places have been confirmed but based on ones that match the locations in the game trailer, it seems to be that the Red Dead Redemption 2 Map could possibly be huge.

Some of those locations that can be seen are Cornwall and Heartland Oil Fields. There are also other signs which imply, that the Red Dead Redemption Map could possibly be huge.

While there are a few other sources which also claim that the leaked Red Dead Redemption 2 Map is real, but is an early direction map for the game.

Still, it is a long shot, unless we get the official confirmation, all of these are just mere speculations. That said you can check out the names of various locations, settlements, towns, and places of interest plucked out from the leaked map.

  • Regions

    Great Plains
    Big Valley
    The Heartlands
    The Grizzlies
    Cumberland Forest
    Scarlett Meadows
    Bluegrill Marsh
    Roanoke Ridge

  • Towns

    New Bordeaux
    Van Horn

  • Landmarks

    Nekoti Rock
    Wreck of the Serendipity
    Dixon Crossing
    Mocto Post
    Ovenjta Dam
    Valley View
    Shepherds Rise
    Cunson Landing
    Luckys Cabin
    Millesan Claim
    Granni Pass
    Clearing Cover
    Bulger Glade
    Saltwater Stand
    Erisfield Merkings Wallr
    Mossy Flats
    Copperhead Landing
    Bacchus Bridge
    Iron Cloud
    Black Balsam Rise
    Rianoke Valley
    Brandywine Drop
    The Loft

  • Settlements

    Pacific Union Canal
    Manzanita Post
    Pronghorn Ranch
    Cornwall Kerosene & Tar
    Emerald Ranch
    Caliga Hall
    Sisika Penitentiary
    Butcher Creek
    Heartland Oil Fields
    Old Fort Wallace

Also, do keep in mind that there is a high chance that most of the places mentioned here may not be seen in the game, since these originate from leaks and speculations.

With all that said, Red Dead Redemption 2 is scheduled to roll out on October 26th, 2018 on PS4 and Xbox One. Hopefully, by then we will know how huge the game map actually is.