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Common Mistakes People Do In PUBGs

PlayerUnknown BattleGrounds is a survival game where you only get to live once in a match. Therefore stealth, patience, precision, and planning is everything. You have to be savvy with resources, you have to dodge enemy attacks, you have to flank them.

There are a number of common mistakes people do while playing PUBG. There’s although, a list that might not be covered, this is my personal opinions on what mistakes I observed.

Loot Harvest is a Risky Business:

In PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds, people spend too much time in hunting for loot. Tunnel visioning loot from houses. Whereas the backpack, helmet, primary weapon is more than enough to survive. This avoids unnecessary risk. In my personal opinion, a full level 2 gear and the functional primary weapon is sufficient to survive early fights.

Rushing Towards Spawned Crates:

If you aggressively pursue poorly positioned crates you endanger yourself getting exposed and probably getting killed while being at it. Since crates attract people naturally. You have to be aware of your surroundings all the times. There’s a good amount of chance that someone will kill you when you’re approaching the crate aggressively.

Restricting Boundary Time Management:

Poor time management when playing too deep in the restricting boundary circle. Especially if someone is escaping the zone you have to attack them from a safe distance instead of getting damaged by the restricting circle. Moving too early will allow you to flank as well but the ideal position would be to estimate time management of the advancing circle and staying near the center.

Attacking Enemies Without Planning:

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBGs) Guide

If as soon as you see an enemy, you start engaging with him. A wise technique would be to measure your distance and not shoot while they’re on the move or too far away. You’ll expose your location which means risking yourself to die and not surely get to kill the enemy as well. Because accuracy will ensure fast kills, reduce ammo wastage as well.

Aggressive Dive in the Quick Sand:

In PlayerUnknowns BattleGrounds, if you drag your team into a gun fight where you get flanked and exposed to die you’ll end up frustrating your team. The wise method would be to sneak up on enemies if you’ve spotted them and flank them after being sure of your surroundings.

This was from my side. Let us know what common mistakes you’ve noticed people do while playing PUBGs.