FIFA 18 Career Mode Improvements We Want to See

FIFA 18 Career Mode is the most talked about feature that presents a decent amount of challenge when played on higher difficulties.  However, for some time, EA has left this feature on its own without making any notable changes or improvements to the mode.

But we would like to suggest a handful of changes and improvements that can possibly help FIFA 18 career mode.

Start from the Bottom

If there is one thing that can improve FIFA 18 career mode is being able to start from the bottom. So far, the games allow you to just pick a team and start playing. Your stats or your performance does not mean much for your position or place in the team. The best way is to play some starting exhibition matches and then have offers from clubs based on your performance.

Why Not Be a Substitute?

There has never been an option to be a substitute and it is odd to think that such a massive game doesn’t allow you to be a substitute. FIFA allows you to simulate matches in Career Mode and skip things altogether but why not allow the player to experience the match as a substitute? This needs to be a thing in FIFA games, if not in FIFA 18, then in future titles for sure.

Developing a Relationship

There needs to be a level of personal relationship with the club you are playing with. You play for a club for a long time and develop a relationship with the fans who cheer you. The depth of your popularity should decide how they react when you come back to the same club after leaving for another. Will they boo you or cheer you on? And their reaction should decide how confident or under pressure you are during your early comeback games.

Online Career Mode

Online career mode will probably never happen or at least not anytime soon but this feature could really do wonders for the FIFA franchise. Competing against other players and raising your stats in the leaderboards can add more depth to the series.