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Dark Souls Equipment Guide

When you are up against demons with strong AI, you can’t afford to go to battle without proper arrangements. You should choose your equipment wisely depending upon the nature of foe you are fighting against. Your armor and weapons should be adjusted to give you the best defense against the enemy.

Equipment Load

Sometimes, you will need the agility and sometimes it can be the heavy armor that will save you from brutal physical attacks. All depends on your equip load. More is the equipment load, slower you will get and vice versa.

Same goes for weapons. If you are wielding heavy weapons, they will slow you down. While light weight weapons will do lesser damage increasing the agility of your character. So which combination should you opt for?

Like I mentioned before, it depends on the type of boss or other demons. If the demon can fly, you are going to need ranged attacks along with some speed so that you can dodge the instant attacks and if the beast is sluggish with dangerous AoE attacks, you most probably are going to need some heavy armor.

If the equip load is below 50%, you will be able to dash and jump at a descent rate. And if it is close to 100%, you will move like a heavy tank.

Dark Souls – Defense System

Your armor is divided in different pieces having particular defense and resistance attributes. You need to know about the weakness of any armor before you equip it. By default every piece of armor will only show the physical defense attributes. You can toggle it see the complete information which will help you decide to wear it or not.

Armor pieces can be resistive against magic, fire and lightning. Lightening resistance armor pieces are quite precious so keep an eye on them.

The equipment you have will also affect bleeding and poisoning. Bleeding and poisoning effects aren’t instantaneous rather a bar is filled over time. When the bar gets filled, you will receive the damage.

Bleeding can occur if you are hit by a sharp weapon like a dagger while poisoning can either be due to the infected demons or the ridiculed habitat. The equipment you have bought or farmed like the healing potions and Moss clumps can be of a great use.

To avert curses, you either need humanity or Purging stones sold by the NPCs before it’s too late.

Weapon and Shield Wielding

You have four slots for the equipment you can carry to be wielded in hands. Since right hand is the stronger, the primary weapons should be in the right hand. You can carry heavy shield in the left to block heavy attacks. Shields can also block magical attacks to a greater degree.

You can also equip your hands with some magical tricks but you should have at least one melee weapon for the bad times. Carrying a particular weapon requires you to have some skills including Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, or Faith. Remember that the melee weapons can be wielded in both hands.

Always try to maintain the balance to deal with different forms of undead. If you know the weakness and strengths of your equipment, you can adjust yourself well in the battle for survival.

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