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Dark Souls Magic Guide – Sorceries, Pyromancies and Miracles

There are three types of Magic in Dark Souls – Black Magic in the form of Sorceries, Fire Magic in the form of Pyromancies, and White Magic in the form of Miracles. Do note that Miracles are affected by the resonance.

If you a player uses a miracle in their World Ex. Say Wrath of God, other players connected to the same network will see a resonance marker, and they can increase its power by using the same miracle themselves. It will resonate with the existing effect of the miracle and increase the power of the magic.

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Dark Souls – Sorceries

Soul Arrow
Useful in ranged attack – fires a magical projectile that can be attuned multiple times for more uses. Two attunements equal 30 uses.

Homing Soul Arrow
Ranged attack but compared to Soul Arrow, Homing Soul Arrow fires multiple magic projectiles.

When you use this Sorcery, Caster won’t make a noise. It’s a support Magic.

Soul Lance
Soul Lance is also a ranged magic attack, it fires a piercing powerful attack.

Crystal Soul Lance
Powerful than Soul Lance, thanks to the Crystal it wields.

Crystal Magic Weapon

It’s another support Magic. Using it either removes completely or at least lessens the effect of poison.

Support Magic that lessens or removes the curse effect.

Support Magic that repairs the weapons and armor.

As the name suggests, this magic masks your presence, hides your presence. You can stack it with rings. (Read our Items guide for more on Rings).

Support Magic that removes footsteps sound, reduces the fall damage for a period.

Demon Prank
It produces a sound to the target, very useful in distracting the enemies.

Brightens the surrounding area.

Support Magic that transform you into an animate object but you can only walk, you move faster and it will break the effect.

Magic Shield
This defense Magic reinforces your equipped shield with Magic.

Strong Magic Shield
Stronger Magic effect than Magic Shield.

Magic Weapon
It enhances your right weapon.

Strong Magic Weapon
Greatly enhances your right weapon.

Dark Souls – Pyromancies

Ranged attack, you can throw a fireball at enemies similar to a grenade in modern games.

Larger fireball with bigger blast radius and increased damage.

Flash Sweat
It will cover the player in water. A defense magic.

Fire short-range burst of flames.

Creates a large poles of fires around the user.

Storm of Chaos
Pillars of fire erupt around the player, they are only as powerful as your humanity.

Dark Souls – Miracles

It creates a large 360 degree shockwave, knocking away everything that is in its area of effect.

Lightning Bolt
Throw a large Javelin of Lightening.

It heals a small amount of HP.

Great Heal Limited
Heals large amount of HP.

Great Heal
Heals more HP than Great Heal Limited.

Healing Sunlight
It heals a large amount of HP of everyone that is in its area of effect. Very useful for allies (Phantoms).

Helps recover HP over a period.

Sun’s Grace
It helps recover HP over a period in its area of effect.

Request Aid
Displays many of player messages.

Wrath of God
Creates a 360 degree shockwave that knocks away and damages everything that is in its range.

Catalysts and Talismans

Pyromancy Flame
It’s a catalyst for fire spells and is part of the starting equipment for the Pyromancer. Other players get it when they rescue the trainer form the Depths.

Catalyst For Fire Spells
There is another Catalyst for fire spells in Dark Souls.

Catalyst for Magic Spells
It’s a starting equipment for Sorcerer. Other players get when they rescue the trainer from the lower Undead Burg.

A Talisman for miracles.

We will update this guide if the need be.