FFXIV Online: ARR Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

FFXIV Online: ARR is a massively multiplayer online game developed by Square Enix for Playstation 3, Playstation 4 and Microsoft Windows. The game was released on August 27, 2013 worldwide and received many positive reviews from the critics.

In case, you are new to the franchise; this guide will help by giving out detailed information about the basic game mechanics and strategies and aims on covering almost all aspects of the game. Still, if you find anything missing; do let us know in the Comment Section below and we’ll try to update it!

FFXIV Online: ARR Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

How to choose your Race

Before we get into this; note that selecting your race has absolutely nothing to do with your starting location. It’s your class that is inter-connected with your starting location in the game.

Although there is a little difference between different stats of the characters during the start of the game but it gets minimal as you progress through the game. So basic thing you should take into consideration is the overall morphology of your character.

Character Attributes

A brief introduction of all the attributes at your character’s disposal are given below:

Strength (STR)
It will increase the damage done by the melee attacks.

Dexterity (DEX)
It will increase the damage on ranged attacks.

Vitality (VIT)
Increases maximum HP.

Intelligence (INT)
Increases attack magic.

Mind (MND)
Increases healing magic.

Piety (PIE)
Increases maximum MP.

It will allow you to take less damage from fire-aspected attacks.

It will allow you to take less damage from ice-aspected attacks.

It will allow you to take less damage from wind-aspected attacks.

It will allow you to take less damage from earth-aspected attacks.

It will allow you to take less damage from lightning-aspected attacks.

It will allow you to take less damage from water-aspected attacks.

It will improve your accuracy on all attacks.

Critical Hit Rate
Chances of a critical hit are increased.

It will allow you to do more damage and gain more HP by performing spells.

Attack Power
Damage dealt by attacks is increased.

Skill Speed
Re-cast time for certain weapons is greatly reduced.

Attack Magic Potency
Damage dealt by the spells is greatly increased.

Healing Magic Potency
Amount of HP received by performing spells is greatly increased.

Spell Speed
Cast and re-cast times of spells are greatly reduced.

You will receive less damage from your opponents.

Chances of attacks being parried are greatly increased.

Magic Defense
The damage done by spells is greatly minimized..

The damage caused by slashing attacks is greatly reduced.

The damage done by piercing attacks is reduced with this ability.

Blunt attacks damage is reduced with this ability.

Damage done by other players is reduced.

How to choose your Class

One of the biggest highlight of Final Fantasy Online: ARR is that it allows players to play with every single class.

Changing your class is easier than ever. However, you will have to unlock the particular class that you wish to opt for. Also note that the class you choose at the beginning of the game will determine your starting location. A quick breakdown of these location/class is below:

  • Ul’dah: Gladiator, Pugilist, Thaumaturge
  • Gridania: Archer, Conjurer, Lancer
  • Limsa Lominsa: Arcanist, Marauder

Another thing to note here is that in Final Fantasy Online: ARR; crafting and basic combat are two different classes and you will have to level up both of these individually. And just like the combat system, crafting is also area specific:

  • Ul’dah: Alchemists Guild, Goldsmiths Guild, Weavers Guild, Miners Guild
  • Gridania: Carpentry Guild, Leatherworking Guild, Botanists Guild
  • Limsa Lominsa: Armorsmith Guild, Blacksmiths Guild, Culinarians (Cooking) Guild, Fishing Guild

Disciples of Hand

  • Carpenter
  • Blacksmith
  • Armorer
  • Goldsmith
  • Leather-worker
  • Weaver
  • Al-chemist
  • Culinarian

Disciples of Land

  • Miner
  • Botanist
  • Fisher

Disciples of War

  • Archer
  • Gladiator
  • Lancer
  • Marauder
  • Pugilist

Disciples of Magic

  • Conjurer
  • Arcanist
  • Thaumaturge

You will also be rewarded with a bonus class each time you will level up to ensure that you are not facing too much of a hassle in the leveling up your new class.These rewards are basically XP which will help you level up fast.


In Final Fantasy Online: ARR; Jobs are unlocked by leveling up in other classes in the game. You can take the example of Paladin which can unlocked by level 30 Gladiator and level 15 Conjurer.

Another thing to note here is that while leveling up your alternative class, your base class also get upgraded. For instance, if you level up your Gladiator to level 30 and unlock Paladin and then reach level 31 with Gladiator, your Paladin will also reach level 31 and vice versa.

A quick breakdown of all the classes with their corresponding requirements are listed below:

Starts with Gladiator and requires Level 30 Gladiator and Level 15 Conjurer.

Starts from Pugilist and requires Level 30 Pugilist and Level 15 Lancer.

Starts from Marauder and requires Level 30 Marauder and Level 15 Gladiator.

This job starts from Lancer and requires Level 30 Lancer and Level 15 Marauder.

This job starts from Archer and requires Level 30 Archer and Level 15 Pugilist.

White Mage
This job starts from Conjurer and requires Level 30 Conjurer and Level 15 Arcanist.

Black Mage
It starts from Thaumaturge and requires Level 30 Thaumaturge and Level 15 Archer.

This job starts from Arcanist and requires your Level 30 Arcanist and Level 15 Conjurer.

To unlock this, you will must have Level 30 Arcanist and Level 15 Thaumaturge.

Jobs can be unlocked by speaking to the Guildmaster and after fulfilling its demand. These jobs are equipped by the characters by ‘Soul Gems’ which can be returned anytime to revert back to your normal class.

What is The Armory

If you’re new to the game an been wondering how your keep all your items; The Armory or The Armory Chest is your best bet. The Armory keeps the items and weapons of all of your characters.


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