Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Character Builds Guide

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It really just comes down to the execution of all your available skills with this build. If you feel like you can switch weapons fast and keep a systemized approach in battle, then this is the build for you.

Shadowcaster (Sorcery-Finesse) Builds

We’ll be going over the Sorcery-Finesse hybrid in this section of the guide. The Sorcery-Finesse hybrid, often termed as a Shadowcaster, is quite popular among Amalur players for great utility of pure magic damage, along with the ninja-styled brilliance of Finesse, which is an art itself.

This build type allows you to do damage through multiple ways, and make it look almost artistic. Note that all builds are at level 40 of the game.

Build #1 – Might (0), Finesse (61), Sorcery (62)
This build is ‘the ideal’ Sorcery-Finesse hybrid due to the almost even distribution of points. Whether or not it is ideal in-terms of output and efficiency entirely depends on the player’s style. You’re looking at a build that combines Longbows with Chakrams, which indicates ranged damage. Because of that, there really isn’t any need of Assassin’s Art.

Poison is a must in the Finesse tree, as it will be your best-friend for DoT with Longbows. When it comes to medium to close range, Chakrams and sheer magic damage become your new best-friends. You also have the added agility with Lunge, though I don’t quite see much of an offensive use of the ability.

The rest of the points are quite self-explanatory in the Sorcery tree, taking use of elemental damage and the obvious Healing Surge. However, there is one point of interest in Sorcery, which is the 1 point in Faer Gorta. This is entirely up to you to use – you can use that point for some other ability if you wish to.

Personally 1 point in Faer Gorta is just a tad too less for such an otherwise good ally. Since this build doesn’t really make use of necromancy, I’ll leave it to you to decide where to point that point, or just to leave it there for the fun of it.

Build #2 – Might (0), Finesse (58), Sorcery (65)
This variant is slightly aligned more towards Sorcery with additional points in necromancy to have a tank at your side.

You might notice the miserly distributed points in Arcane Weaponry, but that’s not for no reason. Chakrams will be your main weapons for the larger part of battle, while you’ve kept a decent distance between the enemy and you.

But the real damage comes from Daggers here, as alongside Assassin’s Art, you have Lunge for backstabbing, and a good distribution of points in the Precise Weaponry tiers, not to mention full 6 points in Dagger Mastery. Obviously, poison-related skills have been taken, and then there are also Smoke Bombs for evasion.

But the key over here is the Faer Gorta, which has 3 points to it. The added advantage of Transference should keep you healthy enough for a good duration of close-quarter Dagger stabbing. Combine that with the elemental magic attacks and Sphere of Protection and you’ve got an almost win-win situation.

The Faer Gorta will really help tank most enemies, though you shouldn’t expect it last too long with 50% health. If you think you can, try maximizing it by reverting points from other places of your choice. Of course, that is entirely up to you.

Build #3 – Might (0), Finesse (58), Sorcery (65)
Numerically the same as the 2nd build. However, this one has two key differences, which I will explain one by one.

Firstly, this build relies on Faeblades instead of Daggers. Fair enough, though Faeblades tend to be slightly slower, but have more number of moves than Daggers. Apart from that, almost everything in Finesse is similar.

Now, the Sorcery is the interesting bit. You have the usual heal, the Lightning related elemental attacks and the obvious Conservative Casting. However, we don’t have any protection from Sphere of Protection, and no Ice-related elemental damage.

Instead, more focus has been put towards the Faer Gorta, which, in my honest opinion, is a great investment. All three necromancy skills have been maxed out, which means your ally undead will be at full potential.

This, in my honest opinion, is a great way to go, as the Faer Gorta is a really handy tank, and since you have the added dimension of Finesse at hand, you can easily deal out great amounts of damage through stealth from Assassin’s Art and Smoke/Poison Bombs.

And if you feel intimidated enough by an enemy to not get close to it, you can always opt for Chakrams, which have been progressed in a similar fashion to the previous build. Personally, this is my ideal build for a Sorcery-Finesse hybrid.

Universalist (Might/Finesse/Sorcery – Jack of All Trades) Builds

Jack of all Trades – there aren’t many RPGs that give you that option, and those that do will always rate specialists better.

Thankfully, Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning is a great exception. JoAT builds in Amalur can become really effective, ensuring defense, stealth and magic. This also means that there will never be a situation that would be impossible to handle, and you’ll never come across an enemy whose weaknesses can’t be exploited.

Those are the upsides of this type of build. There are also downsides. The first downside is that the JoAT is relatively hard to play with – you’ll have tons of skills and abilities at hand, potentially three different weapon types to handle, which will also be costly, and you’ll have some mana issues as well.

Management is the key to victory with these builds, and if you’re confident about your strategic abilities, then this is the type of build for you. I’ll be explaining two Jack of All Trades builds here, all of which will be at level 40.

Build #1 – Might (37), Finesse (49), Sorcery (37)
Do note that you shouldn’t be spending more than 37 points in Might; it’s really a waste of precious points if you do, as all the preliminary essentials of Might can be covered with 37 points.

This is a two-weapon JoAT build – you’ll be using a Longbow/Longsword combination to deal out damage. It does make sense. Long bows are obviously there for ranged attacks, best used for initiation from a distance. You can switch to Longswords once you get close enough.

You might notice that there are no points in Power Strike, which is quite essential for Critical Hits. This is entirely up to you – if you feel you need to be criting more, then try to manage the points accordingly and add some to Power Strike.

The Sorcery tree makes complete sense; it’s minimalistic, simple and acceptable. You have the Healing Surge – a mandatory skill in the Sorcery tree, and decent amount of lightning, fire and ice elemental damage.

You might’ve noticed that no specific skill has been attempted to be ‘overpowered’. This is in fact a very essential part of point distribution for JoAT builds, as you don’t want to focus on one thing too much to lose a portion of the other.

Build #2 – Might (37), Finesse (45), Sorcery (40)
This is numerically similar to the first build, but a glance at the Might tree will tell you otherwise. The point distribution is very different. Firstly, you have Power Strike – an obvious indication that you’ll be looking to crit a lot, which is further elaborated by the maximized Faeblade Mastery.

This obviously indicates that you will be mainly a melee damage dealer. Assassin’s Art and Lunge are an obvious necessity to accompany your Longsword and Faeblade skills, not to mention the added punch with increased critical strike chance. Apart from that the regular poison must-haves have been given the importance they deserve.

In Sorcery we’re looking at basic fire damage, slightly advanced Lightning abilities, and slightly advanced Ice abilities. Nothing to it to really ponder over.

Do note, that personally this build would be squishier for me than the first one, as its main purpose is to maximize the amount of physical damage you will be doing. That’s not to say it’s a bad build, mind you, but for more conservative and wary folks, it can be a bit difficult to play with.

At the end of the day, builds and character customization is mostly a matter of opinion and taste, if you are using something different in the game, share with us in the comments below!

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