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Sarmad is our Senior Editor, and is also one of the more refined and cultured among us. He's 25, a finance major, and having the time of his life writing about videogames.

Pokemon Go Harry Potter AR Game

People Want a Pokemon Go Themed Harry Potter AR Game

Among a number of other things that Pokemon Go has done is reiterate how augmented reality really...

by   /   Jul 19, 2016
PES 2017 update 1.02

A Discussion with PES 2017 Devs About Female Teams, NX, PS Neo and Xbox Scorpio Plans

We are going to get the PES 2017 demo next month for current gen consoles, however, with so much...

by   /   Jul 19, 2016
Gravity Rush 2 Ducks Locations

Gravity Rush 2 Release Date and Preorder Bonus Revealed; New Trailer Inside

We have got good news for you if you have been waiting for Gravity Rush 2 release date, we have got...

by   /   Jul 19, 2016
Pokemon Go accounts

Pokemon Go Accounts Being Bought and Sold for as Much as $350

All hell's breaking loose wherever Pokemon Go has been released, and noww the hype has gone up so...

by   /   Jul 19, 2016
Pokémon GO generates revenue

How Pokemon Go Has Made Nintendo Bigger Than Sony in Net Worth!

These are some of the more exciting days for Nintendo, Pokemon Go has ushered them in the best...

by   /   Jul 19, 2016
Dead Rising Off the Record

Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Confirmed for PS4, Xbox One by Capcom

The list of trophies that leaked yesterday was an evidence solid enough to suggest that the...

by   /   Jul 19, 2016
The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim on Nintendo Switch

Skyrim Remastered Preload, Language Support Plans Revealed by Bethesda

Apart from the question of new downloadable content packs, fans of Skyrim have been asking a lot of...

by   /   Jul 19, 2016
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Trophies for PS4 Surface On PlayStation Network

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 has not been announced for a release on PS4, but there have been more...

by   /   Jul 18, 2016
Street Fighter 5 Birdie

Street Fighter 5 Juri DLC Release Date is Expected to Land in Next 10 Days

Capcom is not done with Street Fighter 5, and a new update is already coming our way. What's more,...

by   /   Jul 18, 2016
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Dogfights

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Dogfights, Zero Gravity and More

Despite the immense dislike people showed to the official reveal, Infinity Ward says that they have...

by   /   Jul 18, 2016
Red Dead Redemption PC

Could Gamescom 2016 Have Red Dead Redemption 2 Reveal? Take-Two Will be There

While the last thing that made it to the news about Red Dead was when the RDR was added to the Xbox...

by   /   Jul 18, 2016
Dead Rising 4 Emergency Shelters

Dead Rising Remastered for PS4 Hinted by List of Trophies

Capcom, without officially confirming that Dead Rising Remastered for PS4, has still managed to out...

by   /   Jul 18, 2016
New PS4 Model

New PS4 Model Coming out in October, Says Amazon, Will Cost €400

Since Sony is not as vocal about their plans regarding the new PS4 model (or models), as Microsoft...

by   /   Jul 15, 2016
League of Legends Microtransactions

The Spoils of Your League of Legends Microtransactions, Riot Games President Spends $13.1M On New Home

In 2015, it was reported that League of Legends microtransactions had made Riot Games $1.62...

by   /   Jul 15, 2016
No Man's Sky Tips

New No Man’s Sky Video Takes You Further for Exploration Than You Have Ever Been

The development on No Man's Sky was completed a couple of days ago, and the game is finally on its...

by   /   Jul 15, 2016
PS4 beats Xbox One - PC

June 2016 NPD Shows PS4 Beats Xbox One Eighth Time in a Row

Although NPD still lacks data from digital game sales, it is still a very credible source of...

by   /   Jul 15, 2016
New Overwatch Maps

New Overwatch Maps, Comic for Ana, New Game Modes Confirmed by Blizzard Entertainment

We wonder how this might have skipped your mind but did you know that Blizzard Entertainment's Jeff...

by   /   Jul 15, 2016
Destiny level cap

Destiny Rise of Iron Details Coming Next Week With Cosmodrome Winter Tour

Although we have been sharing with you everything that has come our way from Bungie regarding the...

by   /   Jul 15, 2016
Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go: How to Throw Pokeballs Properly

Since Pokemon Go is an mobile based augmented reality game, it changes the gameplay drastically....

by   /   Jul 14, 2016
Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Rare Pokemon Farming Tips: Where to Find Rare Pokemon

Finding a Pokemon that is cool and strong enough to take to a battle in Pokemon Go is a good thing,...

by   /   Jul 14, 2016
Gamescom Awards 2016

No Press Brief From Microsoft at Gamescom 2016, “Xbox FanFest Experience” Instead

If you were looking forward to an update on the Xbox One S release date or the development of...

by   /   Jul 13, 2016
Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer leak

Pokemon Sun and Moon Trailer From Japan

A couple of hours ago, the Pokemon Sun and Moon Dual Pack preorder for the western audience went...

by   /   Jul 13, 2016
Pokemon Go

How Pokemon Go CP Works, Combat Point Tips, How to Increase

One gauge that you have been given to evaluate your opponents in Pokemon Go is Combat Points aka...

by   /   Jul 13, 2016
GTA 6 map size

GTA 6 Map Size Rumor Suggests You’ll Be Exploring the World!

Waking up to a new GTA 6 rumor is nothing new when your bread and butter is writing about video...

by   /   Jul 13, 2016
Dark Souls 3 DLC Release

Dark Souls 3 DLC Release Plans and New Content Discussed by Hidetaka Miyazaki

Clearly, the truly hardcore fans of Dark Souls 3 are done and dusted with everything that From...

by   /   Jul 13, 2016