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Call of Duty Black Ops 3

Black Ops 3 Double XP and Weapon XP Starts February 12

Prepare to put in some serious multiplayer time in as Black Ops 3 Double XP and Double Weapon XP is...

by   /   1 min ago
Quantum Break

Quantum Break Cross Play Confirmed by Xbox

Now that we know that the game will be released on Xbox One and PC the question is will there be...

by   /   26 mins ago
Hitman #2

Hitman Beta Aims at Testing the Server Infrastructure Based on Past Ga…

Beta versions of games are made to test for bugs, and hopefully find them. The Hitman Beta which...

by   /   41 mins ago

Firewatch Lead Actress Cissy Jones to Voice Lead Character in ADR1FT

Recently released Firewatch is a game about communication and at times the lack of it, which is why...

by   /   55 mins ago

Street Fighter V DLC Schedule Reveals New Content to Come

After the release on February 16, the Street Fighter V DLC release schedule is going to be...

by   /   1 hour ago

Hitman Story to be More of a Contemporary Thriller Says IO Studio Head

The Hitman Beta is just around the corner, and now that more details about the release are being...

by   /   2 hours ago
PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 Dominates Ubisoft Game Sales, but Xbox One Stays Strong

Ubisoft’s release of their financial results has been interesting and very revealing. One thing...

by   /   2 hours ago
Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs 2 Release Coming Before March 2016, Ubisoft Reveal

Now that we know Assassin’s Creed is on a break this year, what will take its place? The answer...

by   /   2 hours ago

Fan’s Quantum Break Reaction Gets Slapped Down by Phil Spencer

The news has been revealed and there are some interesting Quantum Break reactions. Some gamers have...

by   /   3 hours ago

Assassin’s Creed Break Confirmed, No Game for 2016

In news that many had already guessed, Assassin’s Creed break is confirmed for 2016. This is the...

by   /   3 hours ago
Tastes in Video Games

Research Study: How Our Tastes in Video Games Change As We Age

When I was a kid I use to love Nintendo games like Mario, Pokemon, Duck Hunk but as I aged and went...

by   /   4 hours ago
Need for Speed #4

With Uncapped FPS and 4K Support, Need for Speed PC Version to Release…

EA has announced that the PC version of Need for Speed reboot will release in North America on Mar....

by   /   5 hours ago
Xbox One Exclusives

Seems Like It’s Safe to Assume that Every Xbox One Exclusive Will Co…

After months of speculations, Remedy finally confirmed that previously known-as-an-Xbox-exclusive...

by   /   6 hours ago
Destiny Crimson Doubles

Destiny Crimson Doubles Farming Trick is Really Effective

Bungie is hosting an exclusive event for Valentine's Day called Destiny Crimson Doubles. It is a...

by   /   6 hours ago
gears of war 4

Gears of War 4 News Teased, Coming to PC as Well? (Update)

Update: It looks like GameSpot may have leaked Gears of War 4 PC. And the plot...

by   /   6 hours ago
Samurai Shodown

Report: New Samurai Shodown to Launch in 2017

According to a recent report, SNK Playmore is currently working on a new entry in popular Samurai...

by   /   6 hours ago
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