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Nintendo Switch price

Nintendo Switch Controller’s Battery Life Will Last For 40 Hours

Nintendo Switch is just a couple of weeks away from launch and gamers are eager to get their hands...

by   /   4 hours ago
Nvidia GeForce GTX 3080

New Leak Reveals Nvidia Volta GPU, GV100

More rumors regarding the upcoming Nvidia Volta GPU architecture have emerged, well before the...

by   /   4 hours ago
Ghost Recon Wildlands live action trailer

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Minigame Is An Interactive Map With Unique In-game Rewards

With the release date fast approaching, Ubisoft is starting the hype train with the latest Ghost...

by   /   4 hours ago

5 Actors Who Can Play Joel In The Last of Us Movie

The Last of Us Movie is currently in a pickle as the development has halted due to creative...

by   /   4 hours ago
Metal Gear Solid Movie

5 Actors Who Should Play Solid Snake In Metal Gear Solid Movie

It has been over a decade since the Metal Gear Solid movie was announced and since then the movie...

by   /   5 hours ago
Nioh walkthrough The Queen's Eye

Streamer Completes Nioh Speedrun In 1 hour 36 Minutes

Speedruns have been a part of gaming since as long as anyone can remember and to that very effect,...

by   /   5 hours ago
AMD Ryzen 7 1700X

New AMD Ryzen 7 1700X Processor Photos Leaked

New leaked images courtesy of Xfastest are finally giving us a new and up close look at the...

by   /   5 hours ago
PS4 Slim Retro

Nova Starke Announces Limited Edition PS4 Slim Retro Console

Nova Starke has announced a limited edition PS4 Slim Retro version for those interested in a bit of...

by   /   7 hours ago
Metal Gear Solid Movie

Metal Gear Solid Movie Still In The Works And It Will Be Massive, Says Director

It has been years since Metal Gear Solid movie was announced and we have not heard anything about...

by   /   7 hours ago
Xbox One S

Xbox One S Leaves Its Troubles Behind, Reaching New Heights

Xbox One S saw moderate success compared to PlayStation 4 but on its own both S and Xbox One are...

by   /   7 hours ago
Call Of duty 2017

Call Of Duty 2017 Is Sledgehammer’s Best Yet, Fans Are “Gonna Go Nuts”

We all know that another Call Of Duty game will release this year and it will be developed by...

by   /   8 hours ago
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for Nintendo Switch

Did GameStop Just Ran Out of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for Nintendo Switch?

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for Nintendo Switch is no longer available for pre-order at...

by   /   8 hours ago
Crackdown 3 Development

Microsoft Exec: Crackdown 3 “Is All About Boom”, Insists That It Will Launch This Year

At the start of this year, Microsoft canceled the highly anticipated game, Scalebound, from...

by   /   9 hours ago

From EA Sports to EA Esports; Peter Moore Talks Strategy for Creating an Audience

The concept of competitive gaming isn't something new for Electronic Arts, having hosted various...

by   /   9 hours ago
Ghost Recon Wildlands single player

Ubisoft Teases Ghost Recon Wildlands Tools And Tech Talk At GDC With A New Trailer

Less than one week remains before GCD 2017 starts, where leading devs in the industry will talk...

by   /   10 hours ago
Project prelude Rune

Square Enix Announced Project Prelude Rune A Brand New RPG From A Newly Established Studio

Square Enix has announced Project Prelude Rune, a brand new RPG from newly established Studio...

by   /   11 hours ago

Virtus.pro Crushes the Counter-Strike Competition at DreamHack Masters

Over the weekend, Virtus.pro earned its first grand Counter-Strike title of the year by securing...

by   /   12 hours ago

Recall Animations Inbound for Older League of Legends Champion

During the early years of League of Legends, every champion in the game featured the same bland...

by   /   13 hours ago

Rainbow Six Siege Patch Notes Are Full of Fixes and Improvements

Ubisoft has revealed the patch notes for the new Rainbow Six Siege update which is scheduled to...

by   /   14 hours ago
Watch Dogs 2 companion app

Watch Dogs 2 Update 1.11 Shows Players A New Mystery Quest

Last week, Ubisoft released a new Watch Dogs 2 update that was designed to help prepare the way for...

by   /   21 hours ago
Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Hardware Photos Leaked Onto Internet Shows Innards

A number of Nintendo Switch hardware photos have been leaked onto Chinese web forums, showing off...

by   /   21 hours ago
The Last Guardian framerate issues

Aonuma’s Favorite Game of 2016 Isn’t A Nintendo Title, Not A Surprise Either

Eiji Aonuma, currently known as the director of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, has named...

by   /   21 hours ago
Bethesda Game Studios

Bethesda Confirms They Are Working On Three Games, Could One be The Elder Scrolls?

Last year Bethesda said that almost two games were being developed by them at the time, but...

by   /   22 hours ago
Nioh PvP

Nioh PvP Release Date Announced, DLCs Detailed Too

During a recent livestream Koei Tecmo has shared details on Nioh PvP and some other content. They...

by   /   22 hours ago
Project Scorpio

Project Scorpio To Get A Unique Interface With All That Processing Power

Project Scorpio will definitively change the concept of console with its 6 TeraFLOPS of processing...

by   /   22 hours ago
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