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Rainbow Six Siege Pro Player Highlights What’s Wrong With the Game

While Ubisoft is trying hard to carve a respectable esports niche for Rainbow Six Siege, prolonging...

by   /   2 hours ago
EA's Ultimate Team

EA’s Ultimate Team is a Big Money Maker, Company Wants Similar Feature for Battlefield and Battlefront

EA's Ultimate Team is making a butt load of money if the latest numbers are true, which they are....

by   /   3 hours ago
Nvidia GameWorks

Nvidia Introduces DirectX12 Support For Nvidia GameWorks SDK

Although DirectX12 has been around for some time now we have seen that Nvidia GPUs do not work too...

by   /   4 hours ago
Horizon Zero Dawn Development Budget

Horizon Zero Dawn Development Budget is Over 45 Million Euros

Horizon Zero Dawn has been in development since 2011-2012. The game just released and has we have...

by   /   4 hours ago
Breath Of The Wild

Famitsu Review Gives Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Perfect Score

It seems that Famitsu has given Zelda: Breath of the Wild a perfect review score and this is big...

by   /   4 hours ago
GTX 1080 Ti

What is the Point of Titan X Graphics Cards? GTX 1080 Ti Kills It

The Titan X line of graphics cards are a symbol of power and performance. Titan X and Titan XP are...

by   /   6 hours ago

Street Fighter V Servers Are Acting Weird Since Morning

The online infrastructure of Street Fighter V is notorious for its unreliable and underwhelming...

by   /   7 hours ago
For Honor update 1.03

For Honor Update 1.03 Brings Changes To The Grounbreak System, Tweaks Several Characters And More

Ubisoft has released the For Honor update 1.03 that brings a slew of tweaks and balances, changes...

by   /   7 hours ago
AMD Ryzen 7 1700

AMD Ryzen 7 1700 vs Core i7 7700K, Ryzen 7 1700X vs Core i7 6800K Performance Benchmarks Leaked

AMD Ryzen 7 series comprises of CPUs that have 8-cores and 16 threads. At the top of the line, we...

by   /   8 hours ago
Nvidia GTX 1080

Nvidia Selling Overclocked GPUs With Price Cuts, Nvidia GTX 1080 $499, GTX 1070 $349, GTX 1060 With 9 GB/s Speeds

Nvidia announced the new GTX 1080 Ti and the company also announced price cuts and new specs for...

by   /   9 hours ago

Hearthstone Patch 7.1 Adds New “Poisonous” Keyword

Blizzard has released Patch 7.1 as promised, bringing key balance changes to refresh the...

by   /   9 hours ago
Star Wars Rivals

Star Wars Rivals Trademark Filed, Is It The New Star Wars Game?

Disney and Lucasfilm have applied a new trademark for something titled, Star Wars Rivals. No...

by   /   9 hours ago
Star Wars Battlefront 2

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Is “Dramatically Larger” Than Battlefront

EA has already confirmed that DICE is developing Star Wars Battlefront 2 and will launch this year....

by   /   10 hours ago

Hearthstone: Daily Login Rewards Data-Mined From Patch Files

When Blizzard announced "Year of the Mammoth" last week, it mentioned Daily Login rewards that...

by   /   10 hours ago

Overwatch Patch 1.8 Goes Live, Hold on to Your Bastion!

The massive Bastion rework, posted on the Public Test Region (PTR) earlier this month, is finally...

by   /   11 hours ago

Overwatch Patch 1.8 Nerfs Defensive Play With Respawn Delay Timer

The highly anticipated Patch 1.8 has gone live for Overwatch, commencing the new competitive season...

by   /   11 hours ago

Zac Will Receive Slight Makeover From League of Legends Tank Update

Zac is third on a long list of champions that are being targeted by Riot Games for the mid-season...

by   /   12 hours ago

Team Dignitas Signs Its First Female Counter-Strike Team

North American esports organization Team Dignitas has signed the entire female Counter-Strike...

by   /   13 hours ago
Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti

Nvidia Announces The Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti, The Ultimate GeForce, Faster Than The Titan XP

Nvidia has just announced the much anticipated Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti. The company is calling it the...

by   /   13 hours ago
AMD Vega

AMD Vega Details Revealed At Capsaicin, Will Be Available To Millions Through The Cloud

At the Capsaicin & Cream event we saw multiple demos of AMD Vega and in case you missed it...

by   /   15 hours ago
Overwatch custom game browser

Blizzard Releases Overwatch Custom Game Browser for All Platforms

Blizzard has just made many an Overwatch fan's day now that they released the Overwatch custom game...

by   /   19 hours ago
Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay

New Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay Shows Off Loyalty Mission

A new video of Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay has been released by BioWare, showing off one of the...

by   /   19 hours ago
Pokémon Sun & Moon Fourth Global Mission

Pokémon Sun & Moon Fourth Global Mission Has Just Begun

Prepare for a new challenge: Pokémon Sun & Moon Fourth Global Mission has just begun! This...

by   /   19 hours ago

No, Xbox Game Pass Is Not Coming To PC

Xbox Game Pass is a Netflix-style subscription service that will allow users to play more than 100...

by   /   20 hours ago
Battlefield 1 private servers

EA Announces The Rest of Its Battlefield 1 DLC, Promises New Content

EA has announced its plans for the rest of its Battlefield 1 DLC, and there's a lot of content that...

by   /   20 hours ago
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