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overwatch esports

Overwatch eSports League Announced!

Since Overwatch's release, this game has always been linked to eSports. Its nature, both casual and...

by   /   1 min ago
ESL tournaments

ESL Tournaments Can Now Be Played Directly On Your Playstation 4

ESL tournaments, organized by the ESL Gaming Network, will now be able to be played directly on...

by   /   2 mins ago
PlayStation 4 Pro 4K promise

PlayStation 4 Pro Amazon Units Sold Out In Germany

Latest PlayStation 4 iteration hasn't reached the stores yet, but it seems people got amazed by...

by   /   28 mins ago
Nintendo Switch

New Nintendo Switch Rumor Claims Console is Region-Free

A new Nintendo Switch rumor that recently came out is claiming that Nintendo's newest console will...

by   /   30 mins ago
Red Dead Redemption PC

Red Dead Redemption PC Play Available Via Playstation Now

Since Red Dead Redemption 2 got its first trailer today after being announced several days ago, the...

by   /   2 hours ago
Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4

Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4 Getting Exclusive Content

Red Dead Redemption 2 was officially announced for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This announcement...

by   /   2 hours ago
Nintendo Market Value

Nintendo Switch Raises Nintendo Market Value By A Billion Dollars

As if gamers weren't excited enough by the announcement of the Nintendo Switch and all of the...

by   /   2 hours ago
Amnesia: Collection

Amnesia: Collection Announced For PS4, Comes With A Trailer

With a post on the PlayStation Blog, Frictional Games announced Amnesia: Collection coming...

by   /   3 hours ago
The Division Update 1.4

Tom Clancy’s The Division Update 1.4 Scheduled For 25th October Rele…

During the latest State of the Game broadcast on Twitch, Ubisoft Massive revealed the release date...

by   /   5 hours ago
League of Legends 2017 Season

League of Legends 2017 Season Update Changes Detailed

With the 2016 season about to end on 7th November, Riot has put up a new webpage highlighting the...

by   /   5 hours ago
Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4

Red Dead Redemption 2 Reveal Trailer Unveiled, Showcases Beautiful Wor…

Rockstar Games has finally unveiled the Red Dead Redemption 2 Reveal Trailer, that showcases the...

by   /   6 hours ago
Nintendo Switch Specs

We Were Right! Nintendo Switch Features a Custom Nvidia TEGRA Chip

Nintendo Switch Specs discussed by Nvidia! Nintendo NX has finally been revealed as Nintendo...

by   /   7 hours ago
Nintendo Market Value

Skyrim Remaster, NBA 2K17, Splatoon And More Confirmed For Nintendo Sw…

Nintendo has revealed its upcoming console, Nintendo switch, and while the trailer focused on the...

by   /   7 hours ago
Nintendo Switch

NX is Nintendo Switch, Handheld and Console Hybrid Confirmed!

Nintendo has finally announced its upcoming gaming machine as Nintendo Switch. After months of...

by   /   7 hours ago
Horizon Zero Dawn screenshots

Horizon Zero Dawn Trailer Showcases Behind The Scenes Struggle Of Crea…

Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the most anticipated games to release next year, and the hype for the...

by   /   7 hours ago
Pokemon Go legal trouble

Pokemon Go is the Fastest Mobile Game to Reach $600 Million in Revenue

Pokemon Go released a few months ago and instantly become a massive hit. One of the biggest games...

by   /   8 hours ago
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