ZombiU on Xbox One/PS4 ‘Zombi’ Rated in Taiwan

With Taiwan's Ratings Board joining Australia's in rating ZombiU under the name of Zombi it looks like the Wii U Ubisoft game is heading to other consoles

The Wii U may not have been as popular as Nintendo had hoped but it still had some exclusive games that made buying the console worth it; just a shame there wasn’t more of them. One of these games was arguably ZombiU, which turned out to be a hit with gamers.

For people who didn’t get a chance to play the game on the Wii U, it looks like the game is finally moving out of its exclusivity with the Wii U and to the other consoles. Ubisoft are yet to actually confirm this yet though.

Rumblings of the changing status of ZombiU first came when people noticed that the game appeared to have been rated by the Australian Ratings Board and had undergone a name change to Zombi. Today it appears that Taiwan’s Ratings Board have followed suit:

While this should be considered as a rumour until Ubisoft finally confirm it, the fact that the game keeps appearing like this does look like release plans are being put into effect.

If (and when) this is confirmed, the game will be released for Xbox One and Playstation 4. We’ll have to wait for the official release details until we can find out what other consoles it will appear on and if it will be making its way to the PC too.

With the release of ZombiU on other consoles could this mean an end to the exclusivity of some of the other third-party games on the Wii U? If this is a case then this could mean that non Wii U users could get Bayonetta 2 in the future, though I will state that one is more wishful thinking from me.

What are your thoughts on the Australian and Taiwanese Rating Boards leaking the release of Zombi? Let us know your thoughts below.

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