Zombieland 2 Official Release Date Confirmed for 2019

Zombieland 2 gets its official release date. The sequel to the beloved Zombieland has been confirmed for release in October, later this year.

Zombieland was an all-time great movie, probably destined to become a classic, decades from now. Something we’ve needed for a long time was a sequel. While we don’t have that JUST yet, we do have an official Zombieland 2 release date. It’s been set for October 11th, 2019.

Why am I talking about this? Because the mood for anything zombie related is pretty high. Considering how close the Resident Evil 2 remake is, might as well pay a visit to our Hollywood neighbors.

Zombieland starred Woody Harrelson, Jessie Eisenberg, Emma Stone, and Abigail Breslin. Hopefully, we do see them return since they did survive the events of the first film. Also, who doesn’t love Tallahassee?

If not them, even a new group full of fresh gags and characters could make for an even better group. Movies have done this before. Sequels having the same spirit of the last movie, but from a different perspective, all with connections to the last. Even the Assassin’s Creed franchise sort of does this.

With that in mind, if the Zombieland sequel DOES focus on new characters, we still need cameos from the old ones. Without any of them dying or meeting any grim fate unless it’s done the way it was with Bill Murray. That was actually amazing.

The overall comedic vibe of the movie with the dark undertone and fun narration made for a very good combination. Rivaling Shaun of the Dead in the comedic horror Zombie movies. Who knows, with the success of the sequel, we could see a Zombieland game in the future.

The zombie genre on its own has been popular with the success of the 7th Resident Evil titled Biohazard. As well as the hype surrounding the upcoming remake. The Call of Duty series has banked time and again on the popularity of the genre with its Zombie game mode.

The Walking Dead series has also made its way into the gaming world. Specifically with the success of Telltale’s Walking Dead games. Stretching out to 4 seasons after which Telltale shut down and handed the reigns to Skybound games.

Valve, the geniuses behind Half-Life and Portal have also dabbled with the Zombie genre. The hit games, Left 4 Dead and its sequel have been a cult classic game. Having arguably the most replayability out of any other game in existence. This is due to the fun co-op gameplay, the amazing zombie AI, and the overabundance of hilarious mods. Who doesn’t want to play as four stormtroopers in a zombie apocalypse where the zombies are ravenous Teletubbies? Sign me up!

We’ve got about a year until the Zombieland 2 release date. Specifically 7 months so just above half a year. Luckily there’s plenty of good games to keep us busy till then.

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