Zombie Army 4: Dead War Beginner’s Tips

Zombie Army 4: Dead War is the brand-new title in the long-running Zombie Army franchise. It brings tons of new features and many improved combat features.  If you are new to the Zombie Army games, some mechanisms may be tricky to get right off the bat. So, we have prepared some Zombie Army 4 Beginner’s Tips for your ease.

Zombie Army 4 Beginner’s Tips

Below are some handy strategies to help you survive and complete missions easily in Zombie Army 4 Dead War.

Use Upgrade Kits
Upgrade kits are very important for your survival. These kits are scattered around each chapter in the game and they allow you to upgrade your weapons and gear. Using these kits will create ease for you as the quests will get tougher as you progress the story. Keep collecting these Upgrade Kits and when you get access to a Workbench, update your weapons.

Keep aware of stamina and health bar
You should try and always keep an eye on your stamina and health bars. The red bar on the bottom right side shows your health and blue bar shows your stamina.

Taking damage will reduce your health. Use Med Kits to refill your health bar. Stamina is used by multiple actions such as sprinting, Empty Lung, melee attacks and Weapon Assists. It will refill over time.

Priority Upgrades
There are many types of weapons and gear that can be upgraded in Zombie Army 4. But not all upgrades will be worth the while.

The best upgrades are the ones that allow your weapons to deal elementary damage which is Incendiary, Electrical or Divine. They add more punch to your weapons. Always try and get these upgrades to gain advantage on your opponent.

Equip ‘Second chance’ perk
By using this perk, if your health reaches zero and you are downed you can shoot and kill a zombie with your pistol to return back to the game with a little bit of your health. This will be vital for you as you will have a better chance to reach a checkpoint if you die between two points.

Beat Hordes without empty lung
During the rise of a horde, you will have a lot of zombies around you. During this, you must avoid using the Rifle Empty Lung feature because it is not worth to take 10 seconds just to kill one zombie.

Save Medkits
Only use medkits when your health is very low. Even if you have 1 health out of 100, your medkits will completely heal you. You can only carry a very limited amount of medkits in the and they are not really easy to find. You should keep them on the reserve and use them only when you really have to.

Complete Chapter Challenges
In addition to main campaign missions, you also have extra chapter challenges available in each mission which will grant XP and will help you level up quickly so you should always try to complete the chapter challenges.

Be a Team Player
Zombie Army 4: Dead Army can be completed entirely in solo and it is quite fun in solo as well. However at core, it is a co-op title. We all know that co-op titles are only fun if players actually play as a team.

The supplies such as grenades and special crates are limited while ammo resupply is unlimited.

If you already have some good weapon attachments on your weapon, let your co-op players have some too or if you already have a grenade with you, it is better to have your friend one too instead of stockpiling all of them in your own inventory.

Melee is important
Apart from your main weapons, melee usage will also be very crucial as it ensures that you survive as long as you can. Zombie Army 4 comes with multiple melee attacks to simply annihilate the undead horde. So knowing how to use them well will be beneficial for you.

Custom Loadouts
In Zombie Army, you will be able to create your custom loadouts and add weapons in them that suit your style. Your main weapon will always be a sniper rifle but you get a decent selection among them as well. In the secondary slot, you will be able to pick either shotguns, SMGs and LMGs as well.

Apart from your primary and secondary weapon, you can also pick a third weapon which is a pistol. Also included in your build are your Super Melee Attack, Perks and Item Mods.

All in all, using a custom loadout will make it very easy for you as it will be according to your own playstyle preference.

During missions, if you run out of ammo or supplies, you will have to improvise. If you run out of ammo and find a weapon on the ground, be quick to pick it up and use every last bit of ammo left in it. Out of ammo again, slide and stomp downed zombies.

Stomping is a vital combat mechanic in the game and will save your life at times when you least expect to be saved. Also use melee attacks when possible to save ammo and other supplies.

Special Zombies
As you progress in the main story and get access to later missions, you will continue to come across more and more varied types of zombies which will make your life difficult in the game. They are called ‘Special Zombies’.

Some of these zombies will shoot you from a distance while others will make normal zombies enrage more. When you come across these zombies, you must try to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Weapon Assist
The Weapon Assist mechanism will be very useful once unlocked. It will slow down time while shooting giving you better chance to kill more. To unlock Weapon Focus Weapon Assist, you must get 10 kills with a secondary weapon in a row.

Once charged, you can press L2 and then R1 to activate it. Once activated, you will see that the time has slowed down around you giving you more time to kill zombies around you.

Grenades are handy
There are many different types of grenades present for you to use. In addition to normal frag nades, electrical, incendiary and Tellar Grenades are also very handy.

Tellar Grenades can be laid down on the ground and set up as traps for the zombies. Once laid down, they explode when zombies come close to them.

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