ZeniMax Online Studios’ New Project Has NPC-Controlled Vehicles

ZeniMax Online Studios has been known to be working on a new triple-a project for several months now. The developer behind The Elder Scrolls Online has now indirectly shared a few new details about its unannounced game.

According to new job listings spotted earlier today, the said triple-a project has now entered pre-production which means that ZeniMax Online Studios has started finalizing the core (and overall) design of the game.

Furthermore, the job listings reveal that the in-development game will feature both player- and NPC-controlled vehicles with the option to tune vehicles which suggest an expansive open world. Whether that will be on par with The Elder Scrolls Online remains to be seen though.

Something else of interest is that while it was presumed as much, the upcoming triple-a game from ZeniMax Online Studios has been more or less confirmed to feature online multiplayer in an open world setting where players will “encounter challenging combat” in dungeons-like “linear” spaces as well. The job listings also mention story-focused missions for a “memorable” player-experience which may as well further tie up with another massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

The Elder Scrolls Online was released by publisher Bethesda Softworks back in 2014. The game suffered a rocky launch but since then has made ample grounds to amass praise by critics as well as Elder Scrolls fans. Something noteworthy is that ZeniMax Online Studios took nearly seven years of development time with The Elder Scrolls Online and hence, expecting the developer to announce its new triple-a offering anytime soon would be farfetched.

Also, The Elder Scrolls Online had to drop its mandatory monthly subscription model down the road in favor of a buy-to-play model with microtransactions to sustain. The same model may possibly be used for the new game as well unless ZeniMax Online Studios wants to try its luck.

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