Zelda Skyward Sword Treasure Items Guide

The treasure in Skyward Sword can be used to upgrade different weapons and equipment in the Scrap Shop. Upgrading your weapons and equipment as you progress through the game is really important to survive against the tougher foes you will encounter. Don’t worry if you can’t find the treasure items needed to upgrade your equipment, this Zelda Skyward Sword Treasure Items guide will get you going for the starters.

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Zelda Skyward Sword Treasure Items

Enemies mostly drop rupees and a few treasure items that they do drop can only be collected within a specific time or region.  You can boost your chances of finding treasure items if you have the Treasure Medal on you. You can get this item from a treasure chest in the Eldin Volcano region.

In addition to upgrading your gear, treasure can also be sold. You can enter Rupin the Item Shop Owner’s house at night, and he will buy treasure from you for a cheap price.

Hornet Larvae
You’ll need to drop a hornet nest with your Slingshot so that the Hornet Larvae appears.You can find Hornet Larvae in the Faron Woods which is dropped by Hornet’s Nest. If you have two, use them to craft either a Large Bomb Bag or a Quick Beetle. You can also sell this item to Rupin at nighttime for 20 rupees.

Bird Feather
Use the Bug Net to collect Bird Feathers in the Faron Woods.Go behind a bird and snag them with your Bug Net to gain feathers. If you have 2 of them then you can craft a Divine Shield while 3 can help you make the Goddess Shield. You can also sell this item to Rupin at nighttime for 20 rupees.

Blue Bird Feather
This rare item can be obtained by sneaking up to blue birds and using the Bug Net to trap them. You can find Blue Birds near Skyview Spring in Faron Woods. You can also purchase them for 200 Rupees from the Moonlight Merchant and they are a potential reward getting to 28 cuts in the Clean Cut Challenge mini game on Bamboo Island.

These feathers are said to bring happiness and a single one can be used to craft a Fortified Shield,Goddess Shield, Medium Bomb Bag, Tough Beetle or a Large Seed Satchel. You can sell these feathers to Rupin for 100 Rupees.

You can find Tumbleweed in the Lanayru Desert but should use the Bug Net to capture it. It can also be found inside a Chest in the entrance area to Lanayru Desert.  You can use a couple of these to craft the Braced Shield. If you have three tumbleweeds then you can make yourself a Fortified Shield, Big Bug Net or Iron Bow. If you have 5 then you can craft the Sacred Bow. You can also sell this item to Rupin at nighttime for 20 rupees

Lizard Tail
This treasure item can easily be collected once you kill Lizalfos who carry them. Their locations are the Earth Temple, Shipyard, Pirate Stronghold and Fire Sanctuary. If you have one, you can craft a medium sized bomb bag. Having 3 will allow you to craft either a large bomb bag or the Sacred Bow

Eldin Ore
The Eldin Ore can be found using the Digging Mitts throughout the Eldin Volcano and Earth Temple. Having a couple of these will allow you to craft the Reinforced Shield, Quick Beetle, Tough Beetle or Iron Bow. If you have three then you can make yourself a Fortified Shield. You can also sell this item to Rupin at nighttime for 20 rupees

Ancient Flower
You can use the Ancient Flower to repair the Scrapper robot in the Scrap Shop which you can find in the Lanayru Desert. Collect two flowers from the eastern end of the gorge outside the Temple of Time and in Lanayru Desert, grab it from the far south side of the Bird Statue.

Goddess Plume
This rare treasure in the game can be found in the treasure chests. You’ll receive one in the Bamboo island and the other one will be given to you by uncovering all the rupees in the Trill Digger.

Golden Skull
These skulls are often dropped by random enemies in the game. A common example is Bokoblins. These can also be given to you as a reward for getting to 28 cuts in the Clean Cut challenge mini-game on Bamboo Island. If you have 200 rupees then you can also get a Golden Skull from the Moonlight Merchant.

Ornamental Skulls
This common treasure is randomly dropped by the Bokoblins and you can find these at different locations like Eldin Volcano, Faron Woods, Skyview Temple.

Monster Horn
This horn is often carried by Bokoblins who use it as a means to summon each other. You can snatch it from them by using the Whip. Alternatively, you can purchase this item from the Moonlight Merchant for 100 Rupees. If you collect 3 of these then you can use them to craft the Goddess Shield or a medium-sized Quiver.

Monster Claw
It is dropped by the Keese wherever you find them. This treasure item is also useful in the Upgrade System and can be found at several places like Faron Woods, Skyview Temple, Eldin Volcano, Earth Temple, Lanayru Desert.

Evil Crystals
Evil crystals can be obtained from chests, the bamboo chopping game and by killing zombies in the water dragons temple (Farore’s Flame Temple).

Dusk Relic
These are different in appearence but similar in shape to that of Amber Relics which you can find in the Silent Realm.

Amber Relic
It can be found through The Surface and some places in the Faron Woods.These are very useful in the Upgrade System.

Jelly Bob
They can be found in the Skyview Temple and Faron Woods which is very useful in the Upgrade System.Some enemies also drop these like the Deku Baba and Chu-Chu.

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