Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D Dungeon Boss Guide – Odolwa and Goht

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D
Aside from Mini-Bosses and Bosses, there are several Dungeon Bosses. These bosses test the true mettle of Link and allow him to earn a Heart Container. This piece is to provide an overview of all Dungeon Bosses and how to defeat them:

Odolwa – The Masked Jungle Warrior
Where to Find: Woodfall Temple

As soon as you see Odolwa start his dance, lock on and be ready to avoid some incoming attacks. In order to start damaging the boss, you need to put on the Deku Mask and into one of the Deku Flowers. Using the Deku Flower, drift towards Odolwa and drop a Deku Nut on top of his head.

It’s not recommended to use Deku Flower for a long time. Hitting him with a Deku Nut stuns him, revealing his weak spot and providing you ample time to aim at his eye with a fury of deadly sword strikes.

After taking some considerable damage, a few bugs ought to pursue Link around the area. These bugs don’t pose any real threat and are pretty easy to take down. I’d highly encourage slaying these bugs to acquire some useful items.

You need to stick to the strategy provided above – using Deku Flower to stun him followed by targeting the large eye – to kill the boss.


Goht – The Masked Mechanical Monster
Where to Find: Snowhead Temple

This boss is frozen cold and you require a Fire Arrow to free. Once the boss breaks free, put on the Goron Mask to curl up in a ball and chase after Goht. The boss uses a number of attacks at his disposal to stop you which you’re required to evade as best as possible.

The idea is to ram the boss with Goron Link spikes and try to flip him over. One thing to note here is that rolling consumes magic so make sure to break the green jars scattered in the area to keep rolling and damaging the boss.

Once you’ve successfully stunned the boss, its large eyeball should be revealed which is his weak spot. During this time, you need to remove your Goron Mask and rain Fire Arrows at him. There isn’t much time, but you should be able to put at least 3 Fire Arrows in him before his recovery.

Once the monster has received some considerable damage, the chase becomes more difficult. You need to stick to the strategy provided above and keep on rolling to deal some serious damage to the boss followed by raining Fire Arrows at the revealed weak spots to end this boss fight.

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