Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D Boss Battle Tips and Strategy Guide

Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D Boss Battle tips and strategy to defeat all mini bosses and main story major bosses.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D introduces one large battalion of Bosses and Mini-Bosses.

Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D Boss Battle Tips

Defeating these monsters is essential in not only advancing through the game, but to earn different rewards. This piece is designed to provide players with an overview of defeating all these Bosses and Mini-Bosses in the game:

Mini-Boss Battle Tips and Strategy

Where to Find: Woodfall Temple

Just as the boss battle begins, aim directly at Gekko and execute three consecutive hits using Link’s standard sword. This will force Gekko to summon a Snapper. As soon as you see the Snapper appear, put on the Deku Mask and burrow into a Deku Flower.

You need to aim for the Snapper’s venter to deal the maximum damage. Once you’re done with the Snapper, remove the Deku Mask and aim at the Gekko using Link’s Hero Bow.

Only a couple of arrows should suffice for knocking Gekko off the walls. After this sequence, Gekko will again hop up the Snapper. Once again, put on the Deku Mask and repeat the process mentioned above a couple of times to complete this boss battle.

Where to Find: Snowhead Temple and Stone Tower Temple

You come across this psycho necromancer once in the Stone Tower Temple and once in the Snowhead Temple – both of these encounters are exactly identical.

Once the battle starts, the boss teleports to a pad around the room. You need to stick to the center of the room and attack the Wizzrobe either with Link’s Quiver or standard sword – using arrows is much better.

Do note that Wizzrobe’s Ice and Fire spells stay for a little while so make sure not to step on them. After receiving a little damage, Wizzrobe calls his clones – these clones are only to distract you and are harmless.

At this point, you need to stick to Tatl as she always targets the original Wizzrobe. Use your Quiver to target the real Wizzrobe and keep on dishing out damage to complete this boss battle.

Where to Find: Great Bay Temple

In order to deal damage to Wart, you need to use your Hookshot or Hero Bow to aim at the large central eye. However, it’s a good idea to pull the smaller pink eyes and smashing them using the standard sword.

You can also rush and destroy the pink eyes using Link’s sword, but it’s better to pluck them one by one. One important thing to note here is that Wart can only be damaged when its main eye is opened.

There’s absolutely no need to waste your ammunition on its closed eye. As soon as the Wart opens up its eye, use Link’s Hookshot or Hero’s Bow to dish out some serious damage to this boss.

After dealing considerable damage to Wart, it’ll fall on the ground with its numerous pink eyes bouncing around the area – this is why it’s important to smash them before.

At this point, you need to be on your toes to avoid Wart as it rolls across the area. You need to wait for Tatl to open up Wart’s eye and use your Hero Bow to aim at it – Hero Bow is much faster than the Hookshot.

Garo Master
Where to Find: Stone Tower Temple

After the battle begins, you need to use Link’s shield to block Garo-Master’s attacks and stun it using the Hookshot. You need very strict timing and sharp reflex to land a perfect stun using the Hookshot.

After Garo Master is stunned, run to it and use Link’s standard sword to dish out some damage and immediately switch to his shield to block counter-attacks. This is all you need to do repeat in order to defeat Garo Master: stun, attack, block, stun, and so on.

One thing that is extremely important while fighting Garo Master is speed.

Where to Find: Stone Tower Temple

After the battle begins, you need to keep a safe distance from the enemy and use Link’s standard shield to fend off attacks from a massive scythe.

While keeping a safe distance, you need to aim a Light Arrow at the Gomess followed by closing in and dealing some serious damage using any weapon at Link’s disposal.

Like with Garo Master, after dealing a couple of strikes; raise Link’s shield to block the boss’s counterattacks and use another Light Arrow. Keep on repeating the process until the Gomess falls.

Main Boss Battle Tips and Strategy

Gyorg – Gargantuan Masked Fish
Where to Find: Great Bay Temple

At the start of battle, Gyorg simply swims around the water.

At this stage, I don’t recommend using the ‘Targeting’, instead it’s better to stick manual aim and launch as many arrows in the monster’s body as you can spare.

After being hit with a couple of arrows (any kind of arrows would do), the boss should reveal its weak spot – a massive eyeball. You need to aim at the giant eyeball and toss a couple of arrows at it.

During some instances, Gyorg jumps out of the water with a huge leap. You need to hit it with one of your arrows, but as fast as possible if you wish to avoid taking some damage.

After taking some considerable damage, Gyorg should start coming to your platform and try to ram you with its armored head. Since there is no way to damage its protected head, simply roll away in any direction to avoid taking any damage.

You need to keep on damaging the boss using Hero Bow until your standing platform shatters. Once the standing platform shatters, you should find Link in the water with Gyorg. You need to put on the Zora Mask and try to swim to the surface as quickly as possible.

During this stage of battle, you’re required to trick Gyorg into swallowing a mine. Each time Gyorg swallows a mine, it reveals its weak point allowing Link to dish out some damage.

Where to Find: Stone Tower Temple

Once this boss battle commences, start by manually aiming at the Blue Twinmold. You need to fire standard arrows at the large yellowy eyes as the monster soars into the air. During all this time, you need to be on the move to avoid being hit by the Red Twinmold.

Once the monster collapses on the ground and its weak spot is revealed, rain Light Arrows on it for the maximum damage output. You need to keep repeating the process to take down the Blue Twinmold.

Once you’re done with the Blue Twinmold, claim the Giant Mask to deal with the Red Twinmold. After the transformation, you need to strike hard blows at the Red Twinmold while evading the large fireballs at the same time.

Keep on hitting the Red Twinmold and as soon as it collapses, reach its tail and grab it. This is the whole process which you need to complete at least 4 times to kill the Red Twinmold once and for all!

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