Zelda: Link’s Awakening the Mysterious Forest Walkthrough – Toronbo Shores, Tail Cave Key

Zelda: Link’s Awakening The Sword and the Mysterious Forest Walkthrough guide will help you with each step of how to get your sword, shield, and Tail Cave Key in order to progress.

Zelda: Link’s Awakening The Mysterious Forest

When Link wakes up, talk to Marin and she’ll direct you to Toronbo Shores. Before going to Toronbo Shores, talk to Tari who’ll give you the shield.

Head to Toronbo Shores, just go east and exit the village and follow the path to the shore. Once you get to the beach, keep walking east until you encounter a spiked enemy.

Push the enemy, grab the sword and return to the Mabe Village. Now, head to Trendy Game shop and use the crane to pick up the Yoshi Doll and then, trade the doll for a ribbon at the northernmost house in the village.

Take the ribbon to the house with Chain Chomp outside and through the right door. Trade the ribbon for a can of dog food. Go back to the shore and take a right as soon as you reach the beach. There will be a house ahead, go inside and trade the canned food for a banana.

Mysterious Forest

Head to the forest, if you open the map the forest is to the upper left of Mabe Village, and talk to the Owl. After that, keep walking until and take a right turn and continue forward until you get to a hollowed-out tree.


Kill the Keese and destroy all of the purple crystals inside the tree and then push the boulder to gain 50 rupees from the chest. Go to the room to the right and kill the Zols and then move the boulder to the left and exit the tree.

Grab the Toadstool, go back inside and push the boulder to the right and the one above that has to go up and you can exit. Keep going towards North until you see rocks blocking the entrance.

Take care of the Moblins with a shield and head east to exit the forest and then head south to the Witch’s house. Avoid electric Zols along the way as you can’t hurt them yet.

The Witch converts the Toadstool into Magic Powder and then head back to the Mysterious Forest. This time, instead of taking a right to the tree, go left and then go up. Use the Magic Powder on the raccoon and watch it transform.

Go to the north and you’ll find the Tail Cave key in the chest. Now, go back to Toronbo Shores and follow the wall to the right. Interact with the keyhole and enter the Tail Cave.

That is all for our Zelda: Link’s Awakening The Sword and the Mysterious Forest walkthrough guide with tips on how to get to the Toronbo Shores and how to get the Tail Cave Key.

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