Zelda: Link’s Awakening Ocarina Songs Unlocks Guide

Once you obtain the Ocarina in Zelda: Link’s Awakening, you can learn three different songs to play. You have to travel to some specific locations to learn these songs. In this guide, we’ll specify each of the three songs’ locations, so you can learn them for your Ocarina in the Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening.

Zelda: Link’s Awakening Ocarina Songs

First, if you don’t already know, let’s talk about how to acquire the Ocarina itself. From the second dungeon, Bottle Grotto, get the Power Bracelet. Then, from the third dungeon, Key Cavern, get the Pegasus Boots.

Now, travel to the Mabe Village and clear the way for the entrance of the Dream Shrine, by moving the heavy stones. Then, go to the stone building, just north of the shop.

Once you enter this building, go to bed. Now, charge right through the enemies by using the Pegasus Boots (hold L). Finally, open the chest to find the Ocarina.

1. Ballad of the Wind Fish
You will be able to travel to the Animal Village, after the completion of the third dungeon. Marin will be needed to head to the Yarna Desert.

You will have to wake up the Walrus blocking your path. Once he is awake, head back to the Animal Village to find Marin singing to the animals.

Marin will teach you the song ‘Ballad of the Wind Fish’ if you have the Ocarina on you.

2. Manbo’s Mambo
Right after you complete the fourth dungeon, Angler’s Tunnel and acquire the Flippers, swim to the west of its entrance and go inside the cave. Here, you can learn the song ‘Manbo’s Mambo’ from Mambo.

This song is useful as it allows you to fast-travel to any Warp Point on Koholint Island. It can come in very handy if you’re stranded somewhere and need to get out quick.

3. Frog’s Song of Soul
In the fifth dungeon, once you obtain the Hookshot, travel southeast of Mabe Village, in Ukuku Prarie and search for the Signpost Maze.

Once you finish this maze, you will encounter Mamu. He will teach the Frog’s Song of Soul for a price of 300 Rupees. This song is also very useful as it can awake the dead and sleeping, and is necessary for the main story of Link’s Awakening.

You will need to use to revive a rooster in Mabe Village. This will grant you access to the Eagle Tower Dungeon.

Those are all the songs you can learn for the Ocarina in The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening!

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