Zelda: Breath of the Wild Lord of the Mountain Guide

In Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Lord of the Mountain is a secret mount that looks like a glowing horse. The Lord of the Mountain is one of the fastest mounts available in the game and on top of that it looks amazing with its four amber eyes and tree branch antlers.

Taming the Lord of the Mountain can be quite a challenge and it is well hidden in a grove on the mountains. This Breath of the Wild Lord of the Mountain guide will help players add this special mount to their list of available mounts and ride through Hyrule in style.

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Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Lord of the Mountain

Lord of the Mountain is in a grove on top of the Satori Mountain, west of Central Hyrule. To get there quickly, players can teleport to the Ridgeland Tower and then go south from there.

Once players climb the mountain, they will come up on the grove with an old cherry tree next to a pond, the whole area will be covered in petals from the tree.

Lord of the Mountain roams this grove at night, although not every night. So if players go there at night and the mount isn’t in the area, they will simply have to return another day.

A shrine on the mountain will allow players to fast travel to and from the area so they don’t have to climb the mountain every time.

Once players finally spot the horse, they need to sneak up on it. You’re going to want your best stealth armor; the stealth set is an obvious and good choice here.

It’s also cold at night on the mountain, so you’re going to have to balance stealth versus warmth.

Our recommendation is to wear the stealth set and drink a warming elixir something like a spicy elixir or a spicy meal.

If you’d prefer, you could wear warm clothes and drink a stealth elixir, but it’s really up to you and your style.

It is a good idea to save the game before attempting this in case something goes wrong.

Since the horse requires two complete circles of stamina to soothe successfully, players should only attempt this when they have invested in a lot of stamina upgrades.

You can max out your stamina by trading in spirit orbs at Goddess statues or you can eat or drink stamina-increasing food. Make sure you have plenty, because you only have a few shots at capturing Satori.

Head to Mogg Latan shrine, then head to the west. Look for a path and tunnel through the mountain to the north. You’ll find an area with a cherry tree and small pond. When Satori is present, the clearing will be full of blupees.

To sneak up on Lord of the Mountain, players should eat some food that buffs up their stealth. With all these buffs and upgrades in place, players can sneak up on it and tame successfully.

The mount can be spurred up to five times before it needs to rest but unfortunately, it can’t be registered at a stable.

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