Zelda: Breath of the Wild Divine Beast Vah Naboris Guide – Solves Puzzles, Beat Thunderblight Ganon

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild changes the formula and mixes things up to a great extent. It is one of the best Zelda games that offers a massive open world with plenty to do. The Traditional dungeons are gone and so are the options.

You now cook and loot shrines but dungeons aren’t fully removed from the game. There are four main dungeons you can take on and each offers a divine beast for you to face. You will need to level up before even thinking of facing the divine beasts.

Following Zelda: Breath of the Wild Divine Beast guide will discuss Divine Beast Vah Naboris Dungeon and how to complete it.

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Zelda: Breath of the Wild Divine Beast Vah Naboris

Zelda: Breath of the Wild Divine Beast Vah Naboris is one of the four beasts you will come across in the game. Your objective inside this dungeon is to find a map and go to the find different terminals. The dungeon itself features Vah Naboris electricity driven puzzles.

Once the map is downloaded on your Sheikah Slate life will become much easier for the player.

Keep moving forward from the entrance of the dungeon and you will come across a guardian, take him down and go up the ramp. You will come across one of Ganon’s followers, shoot it in the left eye to take it down.

Go through the large room and head to the back, to the far right, against the wall, you will see a ramp, go up the ramp and download the map you need.

It is time to take on the terminals.

Terminal 1
Go out of the room where you found the map and stand on the ledge. You need to rotate the middle part of the nobris until you see two chests attached to the central room. Reach the bottom of the central platform near the side of the central column and rotate.

This will allow you to reach higher ground. Walk forward and reach the middle part of the platform where another safe wall is. Reach the point and rotate.

Go out to the new ledge that is facing the head of the divine beast. From there you need to rotate the front section two times.

Terminal 2
It is time to go back to the map room and stand in the entrance. You need to rotate the middle platform until the two chests are in the middle of the map room. Go to the middle into the safe spot and rotate the platform again.

Locate the platform with a hole in it and paraglide to reach it. Go through the hole and look back toward the map room. From here rotate the rear end twice.

The terminal will align in front of you but it is in the wrong way. Rotate once more to the right and you are done.

Terminal 3
Rotate the platform a few times to get access to the hole again and rotate more until you can go into the central chamber.

Above the map room to your left you can see a ledge. Rotate the rear end until you are able to stand in the correct place from where you can reach the platform. You should now be able to enter the circle doorway which doesn’t rotate.

Take a look at the rotating section lines via the map screen. Rotate them in a way that they all form a line on top of Naboris.

Doing this will make the far end rotate.

Use the Magenesis rune move the metal objects in front of you to create an electrical circuit. Doing so will raise the rear end.

Keep the metal objects in place but break the circuit by rotating the body. The tail will come down, look behind the tail to see an electrical circuit which is the safe place. Stand in this location as the tail raises itself.

Rotate it back to complete the circuit again and stay in your location. Now shoot the eye twice. Doing this will get a decent amount of Ganon’s corruption out of the way. Now shoot another eye to kick start the lift.

Drop down the shaft remove the corruption from this room get back on the elevator. You will see two platform opposite to one another. One of the platforms has a chest on it while the other one has a conducting ball.

Open the chest and get the ball before moving back to the elevator. Move to the head of the beast and past the bulb and the ball will light up.  This means that an elevator is activating.

It is time to cross the gap.

You will reach a room that has a guardian inside who is sitting on an elevator. Take in down and allow the elevator to rise.

You will notice the next terminal near the head of the beast in front of you. However, it is corrupted. Wait for the elevator to either go up or down, and use your bow to aim at the terminal and look down to locate the eye.

Terminal 4
Look back to the way you came from where the elevator is. You should be able to see a hole down there, drop down and go through the hole.

Prepare yourself for two guardians in this location. Go through them and you should be able to access a circular room with elevators.

You need to get the ball and place it on the plinth. You already have one ball, the second one is at the top of the front hump. Get it and go back downstairs and put it on the plinth.

Terminal 5
From the first hump go to the 5th terminal on the lowest floor. From here, look out to the head of the beast, drop down, and you will come across a pushable wheel. Push one line up the bulb with the circuit. Repeat the same process for the other side.

Go back to the wheel and climb up the entrance. Glide to the second chest after rotating the body once.

Thunderblight Ganon Boss Fight

This boss uses a sword and a shield so it can take a block a decent amount of damage. It would take some time before you are able to put him away. However, if you have a Master Sword your life may become a little easier.

Using the Master Sword, get in close to nail a full combo to the beast. This will make his shield go boom. Use another full combo after his shields are down but never get greedy as he will fight back.

In its second phase this beast will smash pillars to the ground and use lightning attacks. Dodge the pillars and use your magensis ability smash the pillars back on him. He will get stunned, time to use your combo attacks.

In the third, just hack n slash until the beast goes down. Just don’t get greedy with your attacks.

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