Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Weapons Guide – How To Get

Everything you need to know about the The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds weapons - how to get them and weapon upgrades.

Zelda Link Between Worlds
Fans of Zelda series would know the significance of weapons in every game. One needs to utilize the arsenal at disposal in different ways to get through various dungeons and areas. A Link Between Worlds continues the same tradition.

One cool aspect of these weapons is that you can purchase them or even rent them from the merchant who goes by the name of Ravio. Now, let’s see what type of weapons you will be able to use during the game.

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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Weapons

Master Sword
It’s not a new weapon as it was available in “A Link to the Past.” The sword, however, can be considered as the primary weapon for Link (the protagonist) throughout the game.

You will be attaining this weapon in the same way as you did in A Link to the Past. There is a lot of history behind this weapon, and it’s known to be forged by a Goddess hence also referred as the “Goddess Sword.”

Magic Hammer
Also referred as the Magic Mallet, the Hammer has a duel Use. You can use it against enemies, or you can use it to clear the way for Link himself. You can obtain Magic Hammer from Ravio for 800 rupees.

This weapon reminds me of the Bat, but I think the weapon has been there in the Zelda series even before it was used in any Batman game. It’s quite a handy tool which can be thrown at enemies to stun them and deal some damage.

You can obtain the Boomerang from Ravio for just 800 rupees. Upon upgrade, Link will be able to throw three Boomerangs at a time.

Magic Bow
Another recurring weapon in the game. The Magic Bow is quite useful in dealing with enemies at distance. Enemy units that can be dangerous in close proximity can easily be taken care of with the Magic Bow.

Initially, you can have it for 800 rupees from Ravio’s shop. After the upgrade, it will shoot a cone of three arrows instead of single shots.

Sand Rod
It’s more of an item than a weapon but has its usefulness. It can be used in the sandy areas to create structures that can be used by link to walk over or merge with. It’s a necessary item before entering the Desert Palace.

You will receive it from Osfala after completing Thieves Hideout. You will have to return it initially to Ravio, but you can purchase it later for 800 rupees.

The weapon appeared in “A Link to the Past” for the first time and since then, has been an important part of many Zelda games. You can use to cover large gaps and span long distances. The weapon is mandatory before you enter the Swamp Palace.

You can have it from Ravio just for 800 rupees. Upon Upgrade, it will stun enemies for longer duration.

Tornado Rod
The Tornado Rod can fling Link into the air making him look like a Tornado. It can also reveal nearby surrounding to reveal hidden objects. You can have it from Ravio for 800 rupees.

Ice Rod
Using Ice Rod, Link can not only freeze enemies in place, but it can also create icy blocks that can be used to cross gaps as stepping stones. The weapon is mandatory if you want to enter Turtle Rock. You can obtain it at Ravio’s Shop for 1200 rupees.

Fire Rod
You are going to need this weapon if you want to enter Ice Ruins. As the name implies, you can shoot burning projectiles at the enemy through this. It’s like a sorcerer’s magic wand. You will have to purchase it from Ravio for 1200 rupees.

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