Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Tower of Hera Dungeon Guide

Complete walkthrough of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Tower of Hera dungeon.

Zelda Link Between Worlds
It’s time to head to the Death Mountains and explore the Tower of Hera. The dungeon one of the simpler and shorter ones in the game, but it’s changed quite a bit from A Link to the Past. You’ll be acquiring the all-important Pendant of Power that will allow you to obtain the Master Sword.

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Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Tower of Hera Walkthrough

For the Tower of Hera, you will need to have your Hammer, because you’ll be doing a lot of smashing. In fact, in order to enter the tower, you will need to smash down vertical blocks. Once you do so, enter the dungeon.

See those weird smiles? These things are basically springs that will catapult you into the air. Fun! You need to hammer them down, while will make them turn ‘sad’, get on them, and after a while they will spring back up and launch you into the air.

The dungeon is overall one of the shortest and simplest ones.

You will be using the Merge ability and Hammer a lot here, and the only real complications (if you want to call them that) come from the switches that raise and lower walls, which are still very simple to figure out.

Smash the first set of smileys and then slash the orb switch with your sword. This will lower the walls on both sides. Go left, and then hit the orb. Take out the turtle by hammering it and then slashing it with your sword.

Grab the rupees surrounding by smileys on the northeast area, and then go northwest, smash the smileys, and make them catapult you to the platform.

Merge with the wall here, and then go through the window on the north wall. You’ll find a treasure chest on the balcony with 50 Rupees. Get back inside by merging, and then head left on the walkway by merging and south.

Merge again and cross the gap, and then unmerge and smash the smileys to get on top of the other raised platform.

Smash the large Smiley, which will catapult you to the second floor. Once on the second floor, go through the square gap in the middle to land in the center of the raised area on the lower floor. Grab the compass from the chest, and then hit the large smiley to get back up.

Defeat the bumper enemies and then go to the left of the second floor. Smash the smiley to get to the third floor.

There’s an orb on the northwestern side which you need to hit with an arrow or boomerang (whichever you’re carrying). This will lower the walls here. Proceed north, and then hit the orb to lower the right wall.

Stand on the wall, and hit the orb again to raise you to the platform with the key.

Grab the key, and then get down from the southern wall and unlock the door on the right. You’ll be on a balcony with a platform moving around. Get on the platform, and fend off the annoying crows as it slowly takes you around the perimeters of the tower.

You’ll also encountering some simple merging puzzles to get you across blocking walls.

There will also be a wall to the right with a raising and lowering platform on the side. Merge on that wall, and then when the platform lowers, move onto it while you’re merged. It will raise, allowing you to unmerge on the side and enter the area inside.

The room has those annoying snake-like mini-moldorm enemies and a couple of undead. Take them out, hit the orb on the north part of the room, and then use the large smiley to get up.

Hit the orb here to lower the first wall, then get on the wall, and hit it again to raise yourself. Grab the 5 rupees from the treasure chest, and then get on the lower wall and hit the second orb.

Merge on the wall and go through the eastern window to another balcony, and yet another moving platform.

Avoid the moving traps here, and then merge with the first moving wall, following by the other wall with the raising/lowering platform. You can find a heart in a small gap here as well. Get on the raising and lowering platform, and unmerge to go through door on the right.

The door will close when you enter inside, and 5 undead will rise. Take them out. This will open up a portal to the way back, and also turn on the raising/lowering platform in the area. Get on the platform.

Hit the orbs here and make your way to the cracked tiles. The one in the northeast has a treasure chest with monster guts, while the others just lead down, except for the one on the northwest, which leads to a key.

Grab the key, and get back up using the smiley. Access the door to the west. There will be a platform with a smiley that will move when you get on it. Time your smash on the smiley properly to get over the walls that come in your path.

Go all the way to the right after getting on the second smiley platform, and get down to access the chest with 100 Rupees inside. Get back by merging on the wall, which will take you to the first smiley platform.

Repeat, and this time use the second smiley platform to get up to that square walkway. Enter inside, and raise your shield when you take a few steps ahead, because there will be flying tiles attacking you.

These tiles will unveil a raising/lowering platform. Once it raises, go underneath the platform to find yourself in a pool with fairies. Get the fairies, access the chest, and the use the warp to get back up.

Get on the platform and it’ll raise you to the second level. There are four switches here, located north, east, west, and south. Get all of them, and then smiley platform to the northeast will lower. Use it to get on the upper floor.

There will be a moving platform with two smileys. Use the right one when going to the right to access the large chest for the big Dungeon Key. Then use the left one when you reach the left to open the dungeon door.

Get up the area by using the smileys outside until you reach the top of the tower, where you’ll face the snake-like boss.

The boss is Moldorm, a snake-like creature with its weak (and only damageable part) spot located on its tale. The boss does nothing but move around, which itself is a problem because the area is so small.

As you hit his tail more and more, it will turn redder and get faster. Once it turns very red, it will become extremely fast and difficult to hit, and its movement will be erratic and hard to follow. Hit his tail a couple of more times and he’ll be beaten.

Grab the piece of heart, and then the Pendant of Power. You can now go and collect the Master Sword!

Well, that’s the Tower of Hera for you, it’s a fairly simple dungeon, yet it has its rewards. If you think we’ve missed anything, do let us know.

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