Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Items Locations Guide

Like most of the RPGs, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds offers players a variety of items with different uses. Some of these items can be purchased/rented from the vendors while others can be found at different places like dungeons or other world areas.

In this guide, we will try to cover different World items that can be found in the game along with their uses. If you are looking for items in dungeons or the ones that are available for purchase/rent, you can use our dungeons and Rovio’s shop guides for assistance.

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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Items

Power Glove
The Power Glove will allow you to pick up small rocks.

Location. You will have to go to eastern side of Lost Woods or to the northeast side of death, In the Miner’s House.

Pegasus Boots
You can use these boots for short dashes by pressing “L”.

Location. In Kakariko Village, You need to get behind the thief. You will have to wall merge from the eastern side to amaze him so that he gives you the boots ultimately.

Hint Glasses
These Glasses will show you a ghost if a treasure is nearby. The ghost actually provides hint to find the treasure.

Location. You can have these glasses from the Fortune Teller in the north of Kakariko Village.

Irene’s Bell
The bell will allow you to travel instantly to any Weather Vane which you have already used.

Location. In order to have Irene’s Bell, you will have to encounter her twice. She can be found to the west side of Zelda’s Castle and then on the North side after you have completed the Eastern Palace.

It will allow you to assign an item to X and Y.

Location. Into the forest to the west side of the home, you will find it around the stump in the middle of the forest.

Net can be used to catch bees and then entered into the empty bottles. You can sell off bees later to earn rupees.

Location. You will find it in the Kakariko Village, in a Bee house in the center.

Foul Fruit
You can use Foul Fruit to knock enemies out in a limited area.

Location. It’s a general consumable that can be found at different shops around the world.

Scoot Fruit
The fruit basically helps you escape dungeons.

Location. Like Foul Fruit, you can purchase it from different shops around the world.

Milk is like the health regeneration potion. You can have it in an empty bottle and then drink it to restore 5 hearts.

Location. There is a milk bar in Kakariko Village that will sell you milk. Just make sure that you have any empty bottle.

Red Potion
It will restore your eight hearts of health after usage.

Location. It can be purchased from the Witch’s House for 50 rupees. You need to have an empty bottle.

Purple Potion
The Purple potion will unleash a powerful attack dealing heaving damage.

Location. It can be found in Witch’s House. You can have it in exchange for 10 Monster guts. Empty bottle is a requirement.

Master Sword
Everyone knows what master sword does, right?

Location. Upon entering from the Northwest corner of Kakariko village, keep walking towards north until you find a ring of ghosts. These Ghosts will try to troll you and run away. You need to follow the one who was talking.

Others will try to misguide so you should stay alert and choose your path cautiously. Whenever they disappear, don’t give up and keep following the same path to make them appear again. Ultimately, you will reach the Master Sword.

Zora’s Flippers
The Flippers will allow you to swim.

Location. Go to Zora’s Domain, waterfall that is in the northeastern corner of the World Map. First, you need to go to Witch’s House that is in the northwest side of Eastern Palace.

Merge to the wall on the eastern side so that you can cross over the water. Follow the path around – use the stairs and then the ladder downwards.

To the north side of the Waterfall, you will see a shady guy running out. This is where you need to enter the cave. A cutscene will play. Follow the instructions.

You can get the smooth gem from the merchant who is west to the weather vane in Kakariko Village. After collecting the Gem, get back to the Queen to collect your reward.

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