Zelda: A Link Between Worlds House of Gales Dungeon Guide

Complete walkthrough of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds House of Gales dungeon.

Zelda Link Between Worlds
It’s time to get into the House of Gales with your shiny Tornado Rod, and play with the powers of the wind to get across regions that are otherwise impossible. The House of Gales is one of the first few dungeons (2nd or 3rd) that you will play in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.

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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds House of Gales Walkthrough

The House of Gales dungeon emphasizes on the use of the Tornado Rod, so make sure you’re aware of it before you set foot inside. Enter inside the dungeon, and stand on the floor switch to activate the fans on both sides of the room.

Go to either sides, and use the Tornado Rod to launch yourself up into the air. You’ll be pushed forward by the gust.

Head into the next area, and take out the enemies. Go all the way to the northeast part of the area (by merging from the east side). You’ll be in a room with some enemies and two active fans that prevent you from reaching the chest.

Go south and hit the orb switch to turn of the fans, and then access the chest to get Monster Guts. Get back, and then go to the north-most part of the area. Light up the two fireplaces to reveal a chest to get 20 Rupees.

Go back down to where you entered the area, and fall down to the place with the orb switch. Hit the switch, and then go back around, and merge on the wall above the orb switch you just hit to go across from the lowered wall.

There’s a trio of Bubble enemies here.

Use your Tornado Rod on them to extinguish their flame, and then take them out. A chest will land in the center, granting you a Small Key. Go back to the middle area and to the southwestern-most area, and unlock the door there.

Merge on to the moving platform and unmerge on the area with the enemy and chest. Take out the enemy using your arrows or ranged weapon, and then open the chest to reveal the compass.

Merge again with the moving block, and then with the other one to get to the northwest part of the room. From here, go on top of the first moving block platform to get across on higher ground, and then use the second block to get to the floor switch.

Step on the floor switch to turn on the fan.

Go through the right door to get on the upper grilled balcony of the first middle room, and shoot the orb directly ahead of you to turn on the large central fan. Next, step on the switch next to you to turn on a nearby fan.

Use your Tornado Rod to get across from the nearby fan to a grilled walkway. Go to the left, and then merge with the wall and go north, and through the northwest doorway. You’ll be in a room with plenty of rats.

Carefully walk over the narrow beams to access all the pots, and then jump down and go underneath the wall on the southwestern side. Merge on the wall and continue heading south till your reach a chest with 100 Rupees.

Go back all the way to the main room with the large central fan. Jump on the large rotating fan, and it will take you up to the second floor of the dungeon. Go south, and avoid the moving trap by using your Tornado Rod to get over it.

Go down and break the pots on the southwestern part of this area to reveal a floor switch. Step on the switch to further reveal a Small Key. To make things easier for yourself, simply grab on to the key with a Boomerang by standing right next to the start of the descending stairs.

Go through the right doorway, and then south to find yourself outside on a balcony. Pull the right wall switch to drop down a large treasure chest. This will make the statues neighboring the switch come alive.

Defeat them, and then open the chest to find the Dungeon Key.

You can extinguish the fire here with the Tornado Rod. Go back up and to the middle room where you got the Small Key. Head to the south of the room and unlock the door with it. You’ll arrive on a grilled balcony over-viewing the place where you just go the Dungeon Key from.

Jump down to the left, and ignore all the wall switches. Keep going left till you reach the last one, and pull it to activate the grilled moving platform.

Go underneath the moving platform, and time your Tornado Rod jump so that you land on top of it. Go to the left to where the door is. Now, the door is there, but you don’t have another Small Key.

Did you miss something? Nope – just merge on the wall to the left of the door, and then continue past the edge of the building to arrive on another balcony with a floor switch.

Hit the floor switch to reveal the key between that peculiar hexagonal fire pattern you were wondering about. Extinguish the fire with your Tornado Rod, and grab the key, and go back up. Enter through the door to encounter a mini-boss battle with two Dodongos.

Use the Tornado Rod to extinguish their flames and hit them. After a short while the get reignited, so repeat the process and stay out of their fiery trail to defeat them.

A portal will open up here. Head through the door on the northeast, and then go all the way to the northwest of the room through the doorway. You’ll come across a room with a simple puzzle with floor switches and fans.

Some of the fans will just blow you here and there, while only a few will successfully get your through. The correct ones are:

Left switch – move forward to platform, North switch – move rightward to platform with 2 switches, North switch – move rightward to platform with doorway. Ignore the switch on this final platform and go through the doorway.

Go north and east from the staircase, and then step on the floor switch to turn off the fans. Jump down, merge on the wall, and then head left. You can then move to the east since the fans are turned off.

There are two doorways here – take the northern one, and then climb the stairs and shoot the orb switch with a proper angle. Drop down to the area with the floor switch. Step on it to make the platform start moving, then use your Tornado Rod to get on top of it. Move on to the grilled walkway and then jump on the fan to get to the next floor.

You’ll be in an area with two fans blocking the path to the north and south. Merge on the rightmost wall and then head right to get past the southern fan. Take out the rates and go up the stairs and through the doorway.

Defeat the enemy and light up the two lamps to open up the door on the left. Head through it to arrive in a large rectangular room filled with fiery Bubbles. Take them all out by extinguishing them with your Tornado Rod.

It’s actually very easy because of the gap in the floor in the lowered part of the room (where all the enemies are).  Go through the northeastern door, then merge on the wall and go past the raised Dungeon door. Go through the doorway and grab the Small Key from the chest.

Go down again and merge to the wall to get past the fan. Once you’re back in the room where you lit up the lamps, instead of unlocking the door, go into the rectangle room where you fought the Bubbles to grab the 50 Rupees from the chest.

Go back right and then use the Small Key on the door.

Get on the moving platform, and take out the enemy. You need to get to the next moving platform. To do that, just use the Tornado Rod when the platform you are on stops at the northern part of the area.

You will automatically land on the next platform from where you can access the Dungeon door.

It’s time for the boss, who may look intimidating at first, but is fairly easy to beat up. It will move around lazily across the entire room. Use the Tornado Rod to stun it, and then use it again to get on top.

Once you do, start slashing the eye-ball like crazy. He’ll add a few extra “plates” to himself to increase his height. In order to get him back to his normal state, hit the plates.

Be very careful when you do that though, because they tend to knock you back, which increases your chances of falling through the gaps. Once his plates are out and he is back to normal size, repeat the Tornado Rod usage process and slash at his eyes again.

Rinse and repeat – just be careful of his increased aggression and speed. The third time you attack his eye-ball will be the final time, after which he will be defeated.

As a reward, you’ll get the Pendant of Wisdom!

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