Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Eastern Palace Dungeon Guide

Complete walkthrough of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Eastern Palace dungeon.

Zelda Link Between Worlds
It’s time for us to yet again tackle another dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. This time, we’re doing the Eastern Palace in Hyrule, one of the first few dungeons you will scroll through, and also the one that gives you the all-important Merge ability.

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Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Eastern Palace Walkthrough

At the start of the palace, go to the right and step on the highlighted tile. It will open up a door. Go through it to find some Rupees. Go back and fire an arrow at the orb to open the middle door.

Walk through the middle door, and then aim to your left and fire an arrow at the orb to open the left door. Go back, and grab the treasure from the chest through the left door.

Go through the middle again. There will be rolling boulders here in the center. The boulder pattern is fairly simple: a few small avoidable boulders followed by a large unavoidable one.

Avoid the smaller boulders and then take cover in the gap on the left in the narrow path in the center.


Wait for the larger boulder to pass and move ahead. Break the pots and grab the Rupees, and then go to the left. There is an open room, but ignore that, and move on downwards from left to grab more money from the back of the statue.

Move to the right, and step on the highlighted tile to open the rightward door. One of the statues will become alive, defeat it. Before going into the right door, head back all the way to the left and through the door that was already open.

It will close up and you will have to fight a few enemies, after which you’re rewarded with a chest. Go through the bottom-left doors and up the stairs to access the chest.

Jump down from the platform with the chest, and go underneath it to get to the lower highlighted tile. Stand on it and another chest will appear. Go back up, and step on the other tile, which will open the door to the right, which leads back to the previous boulder room.

Make your way through the door on the right that opened near the alive statue. There is a moving platform in the center, and green platforms on each side, with a switch orb on the right platform, and another orb underneath the left one.

You have to time your arrow shot so that you shoot when the platform is raised fully or lower fully, depending on which orb you plan to shoot. There are also a couple of irritating enemies here, so make sure you kill them before so you can focus on accuracy.

When you do activate the orbs, a timer ticker will start, you need to get down from the platform and quickly go to the left to access the treasure before the platforms next to the treasure raise again. You’ll find a small key here.

Go through the left door to get back to the northern end of the boulder room. There is a locked door at the north end that you need to use the obtained key on.

You’ll arrive in a square room with statues on each corner and doors on the left and right. Step on the ground switch in the center, and the statues will come alive. Defeat them, and a portal will open up. This portal will lead you back to the start of the dungeon.

Go through the right door first. There are plenty of arrows traps here, so be careful and make sure you use your shield to prevent yourself from getting hit. Defeat the enemy, and go down and underneath the raised platform with the arrows shooting hole on the right.

Climb up the stairs and step on the tile to open the door. Defeat all the enemies in the room and a treasure chest will appear.

Get the treasure chest, and then go back to the portal room. Go through the left door. This is a vicious area with plenty of moving boulders. The tiles here will move staircases. Step on the left tile to make the staircase appear.

Go up, and then step on the other tile to make the other staircase go into the wall, revealing another tile that you have to quickly step on, revealing a chest.

Defeat all the enemies here to open the southeastern door. You’ll be in a large area with lots of switch orbs that need to be shot and activated. The statues here come to life, just push them off the ledge.

There are two switches that need to be aimed at with an angle to the right of the center of the room. Shoot both of them. Go to the center and shoot the switch on the left. The platform to the left and right will start raising and lowering themselves.

Go to the right room. You need to get on the moving platforms. Use the shield to block the incoming arrows from the traps. There is a platform in the center with 4 orb switches that need to be shot and activated.

This will reveal a treasure chest on the right.

Grab the key from the chest, and then go back to the center room. Go to the locked door on the far left through the moving platform. There are three skeleton enemies here that need to be defeated.

The platform with the large chest will lower, and you can acquire the Dungeon Key from there.

Now, go up the stairs and hit the orb switch, which will uncover another switch in the center room. Go all the way back there, stand on the left moving platform, and shoo the orb. This will turn over the central area to reveal the large door that can be opened with the Dungeon Key.

It’s time for the boss! Yuga is pretty easy with a simple pattern. Just shoot him, and then head over to him and hack and slash. He will eventually merge with the wall and attempt to unmerge from one of the sides of the hexagonal room.

Just keep your arrow ready to shoot him when he does.

When you miss, he will send off a deadly electric shock throughout the place, but it will not hit the direct vertical and horizontal areas; only the diagonals. Keep doing the shooting and slashing, and he will be down in no time.

You get the Merging ability and also a nice shiny Piece of Heart for the dungeon quest.

Use the merge ability to go through the crack on the wall to the outside of the Eastern Palace dungeon. Explore the outsides of the dungeon and grab all the Rupees you can.

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