Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Boss Guide – Tips and Strategy

Zelda: A Link Between Worlds boss battles can be as difficult as you want but with these tips and strategies, you can easily defeat all bosses.

Zelda Link Between Worlds
You can’t have an RPG without any Boss Battle, Can You? There have been some notorious boss battles in the history of Zelda series and ‘A Link Between Worlds is following the same footsteps.

Although the boss battles aren’t much abundant but when a boss appears, it sure is going to test your skills.

If you are having trouble defeating any of the bosses in the game, following tips and strategies will help you win these battles.

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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Boss Battles

Yuga – Eastern Palace

This fight is going to be simple as compared to the future battles with Yuga. You need to stun him with your arrow and then quickly slash your sword at him. Only arrows can also serve the purpose, but I think the sword deals more damage.


It’s going to be a tough battle, and you need to be quick with your choice. Simply hitting Moldom isn’t going to help. So, you need to use your hammer whenever he gets near use. It will stun him for a couple of seconds.


While Moldorm is stunned, you can hit his weak point. The glowing patch on its tail is the weak spot. After a few hits, Moldorm will get angry.

As a result, he will grow larger and move faster. You need to stay careful at this point and wait for your opportunity to arrive. Recklessness can be a big trouble for you. Keep on using your Hammer on his head and tail until the big giant has been defeated.


The giant eyeball is going to be your next major foe in the game. This boss battle is all about Link’s Tornado Rod. Margomill will use wind powered attack (via a device) to strike you off from your position.

You can use the Tornado Rod to reach the device and then damage the foe. After a few hits, the Eyeball will retreat and the device will get larger. While the Eyeball is gone, you need to strike the layers as fast as you can to make the it re-appear.

After the eyeball re-appears, hit again, and it will disappear again. This time, however, the device’s layers will be increased, and it will start moving faster. You need to stay at the center of it and swing your sword as fast as you can. This sequence will be repeated until you have defeated the notorious Margomill.

Yuga – Hyrule Castle

Yuga will appear again. This time, it will be three of them with only one original. You need to keep fighting until you find the real one; he will not turn into a guard. Your strategy will remain the same. Stun him with the arrow and then use the sword attacks.

Thieves’ Hideout Boss

First, you need to merge with boss’ shield so that he opens his arms. Now, you need to get to his back and attack. He will spill some damaging substance which you need to dodge.

When he swings his sword at you, dodge it and after that, the boss will be vulnerable to damage.

Repeat the sequence until he uses new attacks. New attacks would only need to you to stay alert so that you can dodge them in time. There is nothing else tricky in the fight.

Dark Palace Boss

First, you need to light up the torches in the area. Once the boss appears, throw your bombs at it so that you can reveal its weak points. After its armor has been taken care of, you will be able to see the weak spots.

Damage these spots until it gets angry.

Once the boss is enraged, it will take out lights. You need to light the torches again so that you can see the weak spots. Repeating the whole mechanism a couple of times will get rid of the boss.

Turtle Rock Boss

You should start the fight using your Ice Rod. Hit it whenever it gets in the corners of the room or even in the center. Watch out though, it can get angry and this will be the time when you dodge its attacks.

When it gets onto the same level as you, dodge its predictable attacks and punish whenever you find an opening. Soon, the monster will be dead.

Skull Wood Boss

You need to attack the palm of the boss’ hand which is actually an eye. You can attack it if you merge to the wall when the hand tries to hit you.

This way, the hand will be stunned, and you can deal damage to it.

When the hand gets purple, you need to start dodging the attacks until it hits itself on the wall. It will be stunned, and you will have your chance to deal the damage.

Desert Palace Boss

You will have to raise the sand in the area so that you can get to the platform where boss appears. You can simply attack it with your sword or maybe shoot arrows at it.

The boss will also spawn some creatures in the area, but you should keep your focus at damaging the big guy. When it starts spilling sand, you need to keep raising the sand so that you can stay at the attacking distance to deal damage.

Continue this way and the boss will ultimately fall down.

Ice Ruins Boss

Since you are in Icy Ruins, your Fire Rod will come in handy. You should use it to make the boss vulnerable to damage. While doing so, you should watch out for his attacks, especially the ones that are marked on the ground (those triangles and the Orbs).

Don’t get hasty and wait for your opening as you will end up dead if you just stay on the attacking.

Swamp Palace Boss

You are going to need your Hookshot in this boss battle. Use the hookshot to pull off the eyes and then damage them. Once the eyes are gone, you need to take down the creature itself.

The laser attacks are rather annoying, but you can dodge them easily if you keep running around the wall of the room. The Boss will be dead after a few sequences.

Yuga – Lorule Castle

During Stage One in Lorule Castle, you will find that yuga has merged with Ganon. Early on, you will be able to fight him off easily but as the battle progresses, his attacks will become harder to dodge.

At that point, you should stay defensive most of the time.

You will have your chance to attack immediately after his attack move has been completed, but that time won’t give you more than one hit. It will be a long fight, but if you manage to stay alive, the boss will ultimately be defeated.

In the second stage, you can make use of the Light Bow given to you by Princess Zelda. Once it gets into the wall, you can go behind and use the Light Bow to drag yuga out.

There will also be a lot of dodging to do in the second part of the fight so it goes without stay that you need to stay alert. Keep hitting him with the Master Sword whenever you see the opening to end the fight.

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