YouTuber Makes World’s Largest PS5, Cost $70,000

Youtuber ZHC has apparently made a world gaming record with his latest YouTube stunt. In a recent video of his, he has apparently become the proud owner of the world’s largest PS5 console, which is 100 times larger than the normal version and cost him $70,000 in total. And it actually works!

In his video showing it off, ZHC says that the console weighs 500 pounds and is roughly ten feet tall. This makes it taller than Lady Dimitrescu, the extremely tall vampire lady who appears to be the central antagonist of Resident Evil 8.

The enormous console also, naturally, comes with an enormous controller, that also actually works. However, it does require a team effort to play with, with some moving the joysticks and other people pressing buttons. While it could be enormous fun with a less intense game, you likely wouldn’t be playing Doom with it.

Alongside how much effort it took to build the world’s largest PS5 console, it also took a huge amount of effort to customize it, fitting for an upscaled version of an already large console. Alongside his team of assistants, ZHC also took on the task of painting the sides of the enormous console, which took a further 100 hours. He even left one side to the rest of his team while painting the entire other side all by himself.

Alongside creating the largest Playstation 5 in existence, ZHC and his team also held a Playstation 5 giveaway for subscribers to his channel. Since the console is still facing supply difficulties, anyone who subscribed to him is likely grateful to get one.

Regardless of how practical it actually is to own and play the world’s largest PS5, taking into account the size of both the console and controller, to say nothing of how expensive it was to build, the fact that this was done is definitely a pretty cool thing. You can find the video about it here.


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