YouTube Update Stirs Dead Space Reboot Rumors

Electronic Arts (EA) has managed to ignite recent rumors about a new Dead Space reboot in the works, either intentionally or coincidentally.

Earlier today, the official Dead Space YouTube Channel was noticed (via Reddit) to have updated its profile picture after several years of inactivity. The channel was previously sporting the Dead Space 3 title logo which has now been replaced with protagonist Isaac in his advanced suit from Dead Space 2.

Nothing else has changed though. The channel has not posted any new videos and the matter of an updated profile picture can hardly be taken as a confirmation (or even a tease) for the recently rumored Dead Space reboot.

The update however does come at an interesting time because if the rumors are legitimate, EA is expected to make an announcement at EA Play next month.

EA Motive Studios, which collaborated with DICE and Criterion Games on Star Wars: Battlefront 2, is the one reportedly helming the Dead Space reboot. The project has so far been said to not be a direct sequel to Dead Space 3 and will instead reimagine the franchise as a whole to give future installments a brand new direction.

Dead Space 3 was hence the last installment in the franchise. It saw lukewarm sales and received criticism for steering away from the horror of the original game. EA shelved the franchise soon after and even shut down Visceral Games in 2017 which worked on the latter two installments. The closure of the studio placed a large question mark on Dead Space itself and seemingly, the publisher has decided to bring back the franchise after a nearly a decade-long hiatus.

The Dead Space reboot, if real, will presumably launch somewhere in 2022. Fans should mark their calendars for July 22 on which EA Play will go live.

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