YouTube Crash Resulted In PornHub Traffic Peak

The recent YouTube crash was very surprising indeed and it caused some major panic but some sites did benefit from the outage. When the YouTube crash took place, PornHub traffic went up and it is interesting to see what people were searching for.

During the first hour of the YouTube crash, PornHub traffic increased by 12%. It peaked to 21% but later dropped to 4% lower than usual. You can check out the numbers below:

YouTube Crash Results
YouTube Crash Results

It is interesting to see what people have been searching for. Terms like Fortnite, Bowsette, Overwatch and Minecraft were searched and the number of queries was higher than usual. The number of searches for these terms increased by up to 137%. You can check out the statistics below:

YouTube Crash
YouTube Crash Results

These numbers are very interesting indeed and we recently talked about how Fornite actually decreased the traffic that PornHub gets. This is also not the first time that something like this has happened. We saw a similar spike in traffic when Hawai was facing the missile strike issue and similar is the case for Fortnite.

Fortnite used to be the most watched game on Twitch but much has changed since Call of Duty Black Ops 4 came out. BO4 has double the number of viewers as compared to Fortnite and the numbers are as follows:

  • Black Ops 4 – 302,474
  • Fortnite – 159,236
  • League of Legends – 129,722
  • Just Chatting – 99,182
  • PUBG – 88,151

Fornite has become pretty popular since it first came out and streamers are even cheating in order to get more views. One of these streamers was caught cheating and Epic is suing said player. Golden Modz has violated the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. He has around 1.7 Million subscribers. The following is what Epic had to say in this regard:

This is a copyright infringement, breach of contract, and tortious interference case in which the Defendants are infringing Epic’s copyrights by injecting unauthorized cheat software (‘cheats’ or ‘hacks’) into the copyright protected code of Epic’s popular video game Fortnite.

Let us know what you think about these YouTube crash results and tell us what you were doing when YouTube went down.

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