Your Interactions With The NPCs In Death Stranding Will Define Whether They Live Or Die

For a few weeks, Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions began with a strong process of promoting Death Stranding, which is scheduled to launch on November 8.

Hence, the creative has revealed some details about his new title, although staying true to his idea of ​​not revealing spoilers or showing his new proposal in full.

Recently, Kojima talked about the interaction with the NPCs and the impact it will have on the game.

During his presentation at the Garage Museum of Modern Art in Moscow, Russia, Hideo Kojima addressed the issue related to the NPCs that we will find in Death Stranding and the way we can relate to them and what will happen as the story progresses.

In that sense, the creative said that there is the possibility that the NPCs in Death Stranding die according to the circumstances of the game and due to the much, little or no attention we put on them and their needs.

We have a character who lives deep underground. He is sick and needs medicine, and Sam can deliver it. Since this happens at the beginning of the story, this is a must. After completing this quest, the player himself chooses the following actions: you can constantly go to the old man and carry medicine; you can deliver other items; You can listen to his stories from the past.

But the player is constantly moving forward and moving away from the character. And I’m sure that there are gamers who forget about this old man. And then they will remember and return to it. Since they have not carried medicine to him all this time, he will die by this moment. Through such actions, a connection arises with the character.

We really hope that the significance of the connection between people – how it is formed, how it develops – will be revealed, and it will be interesting for you to play it.

In other news, Death Stranding will show a new type of asynchronous multiplayer, in which users must collaborate to establish a series of links in a post-apocalyptic world.

Hideo Kojima has confirmed that he expects the video game to help constant collaboration, and that users are good to each other in the title’s future.

Repeatedly veteran Hideo Kojima has stressed that his long-awaited Death Stranding will create his own genre, just as the Metal Gear Solid saga did in its origins. This is one of the reasons why the Japanese creative has recognized that even now, a few weeks before its launch on PS4, he still does not quite understand the scope of his new video game.

The first work of Hideo Kojima away from Konami, this time in his own studio, Kojima Productions, has had a development time of less than 3 years.

Kojima has revealed that Death Stranding has consisted of a team of exactly 80 people, an amount surprisingly lower than the standards we have been seeing in other developments of AAA category games (sometimes more than 400 or 500 people), those with budgets of several tens of millions of dollars behind them.

I remind you that Death Stranding will release on November 8 for PS4.

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