Your Copy of Silent Hills P.T. Should Be Safe on your PS4 For Now

Contrary to previous reports your copies of Silent Hills PT should be safe on your PS4 for now. Konami have denied all claims of automatic deletion.

If Konami looked at the amount of coverage they still get from Silent Hills you would think that they would realize just how eager fans are to still see the game, even if there is little to no chance. This leads to a certain obsession to keeping PT for as long as they can.

Although it was reported earlier that PT was being automatically deleted from the Playstation 4 this does not in fact appear to be the case. VG247 spoke to a spokesperson from Konami who have cleared up any rumours and stated that no, they are not removing the game from people’s consoles.

This means it should be safe to turn on your Playstation 4 and to expect to see PT there. While it may not be possible to download it anymore from the Playstation Network, as long as it is on your console, it should be safely there for you to play, for now at least.

PT, the Playable Teaser for Silent Hills was the game used to catch interest for Guillermo Del Toro and Hideo Kojima’s new cancelled project to return to Silent Hill. With the promise of Norman Reedus appearing in the game it was hugely anticipated as something of an event game for the Playstation 4.

With Kojima’s parting of ways from Konami Silent Hills became a victim of the break up and it wasn’t long before it was cancelled. With the promise shown in PT, this was seen a tragedy by the gaming community and ever since there has been a fear that PT itself would be taken away from people who still have it downloaded.

This recent scare is obviously just another case of this worry resurfacing, but thankfully we are all free to be scared all over again anytime we want to walk through the endless nightmare that is PT.

Is your copy of PT still safe on your Playstation 4? Let us know below.

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