You’ll Now Be Able To Find The Walking Dead In The Epic Store, Says Skybound

Despite being available on Steam for every season beforehand, you’ll soon only be finding The Walking Dead in the Epic Store, according to an announcement by Skybound Games. Skybound picked up the process of finishing out the season after Telltale’s very rapid collapse earlier in the year when Episode 2 released.

This announcement comes only a few days after the Epic Store first launched, with the promise that developers would get 88% of the profits that they made off of selling on the platform, a steep rise from the normal 70% that they get on other platforms like Steam. So far Epic appears to be doing fairly well in its store, managing to gain a number of popular games to sell exclusively on their platform including Subnautica, thatgamecompany’s Journey, Ashen, and more.

While The Walking Dead was already two episodes into its lifetime when Telltale Games went down, both of which were previously released on Steam, players will likely have to get the rest of The Walking Dead in the Epic Store in order to continue the rest of Clementine and AJ’s story.

Epic Games will also have the previous episodes of the season on its store as well, so if you’ve been waiting for the entire game to become available you won’t have to buy it off of multiple platforms, though what this means if you’ve previously had the games on Steam remains to be seen.

Even though having to buy the rest of The Walking Dead in the Epic Store could be rather impractical for everyone, considering what Telltale Games employees went through over the course of the studio’s shutdowns, with hundreds being let go with no severance or healthcare or even advanced warning. This caused at least one employee to file a lawsuit against Telltale for labor law violations.

Either way, you can now pick up The Walking Dead in the Epic Store on PC.

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