You Can Save Dan Bilzerian from Sexy Bikini Zombie Babes Now

If you use Instagram you would have definitely come across one of the girls or guns in the hands of Dan Bilzerian, the famed Poker player who like to flaunt only one thing other than the two mentioned above i.e. money.

Anyhow, the guy is known to do stuff you would not expect anyone to do on a social media platform, so keeping in line with that he decided to take things a step further and indulge in a business venture you would not expect him to delve into. Yes, he has an official mobile game of his own now.

The game is called Save Dan, and it has all the elements you would expect to have in a game made by Dan Bilzerian. Oh wait, that only means three things. But yes, the game has a lot of guns and a lot of girls – expect that the girls, despite being hot and sexy bikini clad ones, are zombies.

The third thing, money, also appears to have a major role to play in Save Dan as it looks like the game relies heavily on microtransactions.

Roll with Dan and watch his back as hot & deadly zombie chicks try to seduce Dan into death, or worse…

Your job is to gun down these horny invaders and make sure Dan does his thing: activate signal beacons to turn the undead into plain dead. Can you imagine anything more heroic than gambling, especially with your life?

Choose weapons depending on your bloodthirst and improve them into your own custom-made killing tools and go trigger-happy across the States.

So yeah, if you want to save Dan Bilzerian, you are going to have all the arsenal you want in the midst of the Nevada desert. Check out the trailer below.

You’ll be able to get the game on Apple Store as well as Google Play in about ten days’ time.

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