You Can Now Play Local Multiplayer Titles Online On Steam

Steam is doing a lot of effort to make its users able to play local multiplayer titles with other distance players thanks to the Internet. Well, if you are one of the people to whom this feature caught your attention, then this will interest you, because Steam revealed that Remote Play Together is already available in Beta.

Steam reported on its website that with this function users can test the benefits of playing local cooperative titles on split screen, but with players away from them, as if it were an online multiplayer feature.

Something that is important to mention is that in order for a local online multiplayer session to be assembled it is necessary that only one of the participants (the host) has the game installed on their PC; others can enjoy it thanks to the Steam Remote Play relay function.

The steps are simple. First, the main user must join the Steam Beta and then have to select a game that has among its options the local multiplayer. Subsequently, the user should go to the Steam friends list and select the Remote Play Together function. Finally, the other player must accept the invitation.

You must take into account that when connecting the PCs involved, all the controls of the players participating in the multiplayer will behave as if they were connected to the host PC, so the volume and voice chat options will be available in the same place, as if they were playing locally.

Another detail that should be highlighted is that Remote Play Together will allow the transmission of video, audio and other types of input between players and that the function will support PC, Mac and Linux players, so there will be no distinction between these ecosystems And everyone can join in the fun.

Steam made the following statement on their website.

During the Beta we’ll be improving network stability and compatibility across a variety of hardware. We’re excited to hear feedback from you in our Discussion Forums. So check out Steam’s growing list of thousands of supported titles, join the Beta, and invite a friend to Play Together today!

In other news, is there a game on your Steam wishlist that you are about to buy? We recommend that you be patient and that you better wait a bit, since soon you could get it cheaper. What happens is that recently the date of the next 3 Steam sales was filtered and one of them will be very soon.

According to SteamDB information, the next sale of Steam will be the Halloween Sale, which will take place from October 28 to November 1. Shortly after, the Autumn Sale will be held, whose dates will be from November 26 to December 3. Finally, there is the Winter Sale that will be held from December 19 to January 2.

The source points out that this information comes from “multiple developers”, who published the information in several places, although Valves asked them not to. In this way, it was filtered in the same way in which the date of other Steam sales have been shared on previous occasions.

It is worth mentioning that these dates are not yet publicly confirmed by Valve. Thus, there is a possibility that there is some change, although we doubt that this will happen.

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