You Can Now Get A Nintendo Switch Without A Dock Only In Japan

Nintendo Switch is now available in Japan for a cheaper price but without dock station, HDMI or power cable for households that already have a Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular consoles in Japan and its sales reached 17.79 million recently of which 4 million is of Japan only. Even though President Kimishima once indicated that the Switch was not a console that could be easily found in multiple amounts within families. It is clear that it is now possible as Nintendo has something for people in Japan who are looking to purchase a second Nintendo Switch for the household.

We have just discovered that Nintendo Store in Japan is now offering the people of Japan an opportunity to get the Nintendo Switch cheaper but kind of naked. The company is calling it ”Second Unit Set” which only consists of the console with Joy-con grip and wrist straps, no docking station, no external support for Joy-Con, no power adapter or HDMI cable.

This is an interesting proposal for families already equipped with a first console that can get a second console at a lower price that is 24,980 yen which is 5,000 Japanese yen or roughly $45 less than the full Switch with all accessories.

The official page of the store is offering this strictly for Japanese residents so you can’t order if you are from Europe or USA.

This is a good offer for households that already have a Switch hooked up to the family TV and don’t need a second dock or this can be the perfect options for players that want to use the system as a handheld device only.

We are really hoping that they will bring this offer to western countries as well and if they do we will surely update you.

In other news, Nintendo Switch online services are said to launch later this year with some free games and cloud service to allow you to save your backups to the cloud.

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