You Can Now Censor Inappropriate Messages On Xbox LIVE

We know that when playing it is very important to be in the same harmony with the other players to exchange messages in Xbox LIVE with the same level of intensity. However, sometimes we can receive messages with unwanted content not only from acquaintances, but also from strangers who send message requests with offensive terms.

Microsoft is aware of this issue and to ensure an ideal online communication environment for everyone, the company will implement a filter system that will moderate the content users receive on Xbox LIVE. In order to ensure the good environment in Xbox One online communication, Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE programming director, announced the introduction of a new feature for conversations on the platform.

We’re rolling out customizable text filters for the Xbox platform, giving gamers more control over the type of content they see on Xbox. With this update, you will set your own specific levels of automated filtration so you can decide what’s acceptable and what isn’t in the text-based messages you receive across Xbox Live.

With this you can not only control the content you receive from your friends in Xbox LIVE, but also the message requests, either in written form or other material. There will be several options to filter this type of messages. The default option is unfiltered and to this the filters Friendly, Medium, Mature and Block all are added.

Messages that do not fit the player’s options will not appear explicitly, but will display a message that indicates that it contains offensive material. However, there will be the possibility to see them if this is enabled by the user. This new feature is found when going to Settings, General, Online safety & family and finally to Privacy & online safety, where the filters will be at their various levels.

Then, just select the one you prefer for each situation. The maximum level of filtration in Xbox LIVE will be Friendly, while other will allow you to see more of the content; If you opt for any type of filter, the unfiltered option is recommended. This novelty will also have an option to report users who communicate with inappropriate language.

It is important to mention that the feature is available only to users of the Xbox Insider community as of October and will support 21 languages ​​initially. Also, keep in mind that this only applies to conversations with friends and not to all content that is online.

Xbox LIVE, the online platform in which the Microsoft gaming environment operates has been experiencing problems for a few minutes and as has happened recently, this has resulted in the inability to sign in, which prevents access to essential services.

Through a publication on its official Twitter account, Xbox reported that the problem that prevented users from logging into Xbox LIVE has been resolved and can now be entered without any setback. However, the limitation persists in terms of Fortnite, so the suggestion is to wait to try to log in to the game and see if something happens beyond its now famous black hole.

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