You Can Create Custom Comic Covers Using Marvel’s Spider-Man Photo Mode

Marvel’s Spider-Man is less than a week away from launching, already bearing expectations to be a huge title for the PlayStation 4. What we didn’t know about the game though is that the Marvel’s Spider-Man Photo Mode will let you create your own custom comic book covers, with hundreds of stickers and effects to make it pop out.

Sony has revealed the Marvel’s Spider-Man Photo Mode through a new trailer, showing examples of what you can do using it. Unlike other photo modes, this one not only lets you capture your favorite moments from all angles but also gives you the freedom to add comic book stickers, themed effects and more.

Looking at the Marvel’s Spider-Man Photo Mode, it’s easy for a player to feel tempted to buy the game just for the fun around it. Despite it being a full action game with tons of exploration and battles, Marvel’s Spider-Man doesn’t lack creativity and fun moments. That’s a thing to look forward to until September 7th.

Over the past days, fans have been complaining on social media about puddles in Marvel’s Spider-Man and how they were vanished from certain places indicating that the game has been downgraded. Missing puddles or not, the new Marvel’s Spider-Man Photo Mode trailer clearly shows that it won’t be a poorly made superhero title and that it will be impressive graphically despite all accusations.

One thing players noticed about the way the photo mode works is just how easy it is to create Youtube thumbnails as a content creator. It might be a minor detail but it shows to what extend Insomniac Games has pressed details into their upcoming game.

The Marvel’s Spider-Man Photo Mode will be available on launch day on September 7th, exclusively on PlayStation 4. Have you pre-ordered the game or aren’t sold about its success yet?

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