Yooka-Laylee Tribalstack Tropics Pagies Locations Guide

Yooka-Laylee Tribalstack Tropics Pagies Locations Guide to help you find all the available Pagies in this world of the game.

Our Yooka-Laylee Tribalstack Tropics Pagies Locations Guide is here to help you find all the available Pagies in this world of the game.

While not terribly difficult to obtain, the Pagies in the game can be relatively hard to acquire – especially if you don’t know where to look for them in the game.

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Yooka-Laylee Tribalstack Tropics Pagies Locations

Pre-Expansion Pagies

Requirements: N/A
Speak to Nimble at the entrance & finish the race in 1st place to earn a Pagie.

Hamalot Pagie
Requirements: N/A
Speak to Sir Scoffsalot in the woods where you got the Missing Pagie Pieces quest & find three knights. The first one is under the bridge, the second one is near Rextro’s Arcade, and the third one is below the building leading to Rampo. Lastly, speak to Leapsalot to acquire a Pagie.

Pagie Piece
Requirements: N/A
Speak to the Pagie Piece who is inside a cage next to center temple in the woods & find three remaining pieces to acquire it. All the pieces are near the place where you begin the quest.


Clara Pagie
Requirements: N/A
Speak to Clara in the cauldron & defeat all the enemies to get a Pagie.

Robot Protected Pagie
Requirements: Ice Berry
There is a Pagie adjacent to the temple but there’s a robot protecting it. You have to get an ice berry from the area opposite to the temple’s main floor, and then shoot it at the robot. After that, slam the floor tile in the correct order within a time limit to get the Pagie.

Plant Pagie
Requirements: Flower Transformation
After acquiring Flower Transformation, grow all six plants around the area where you get it to receive a Pagie.

Underwater Pagie
Requirements: Buddy Slam & Buddy Bubble
Find a Buddy Slam switch immersed in the water on the left-hand side of the plants. Once done, head inside the secret chamber & hit another Buddy Slam switch to free a Pagie.

I.N.E.P.T. Puzzle
Requirements: Buddy Slam
If you manage to complete the I.N.E.P.T. puzzle near the right-hand side of the center temple, you’ll get a Pagie.

Duke’s Temple
Requirements: Buddy Slam & Slurp Shot
Speak to the NPC in hat inside Duke’s Temple & Buddy Slam four switches on the main floor. Now speak to the NPC again & complete the shooting range to receive a Pagie.

Invisible Platforms
Requirements: Sonar Shot
Find a dormant totem on the left-hand side of the entrance & shoot it with Sonar Shot to reveal a platform. Continue to do the same with consequent totems to find a Pagie at the very top.

Roll Pagie
Requirements: N/A
You need to complete a roll course on the other side of the center temple to receive a Pagie at the end. To start the race, you need to find a switch through a clearing close to this temple and flip it.

Kartos Karting
Requirements: Play Coin
You need to complete the racing game at Rextro’s Arcade before the timer runs out to earn a Pagie.

Kartos Karting High Score
Requirements: N/A
Complete Rextro’s Arcade racing game in under 2 minutes & 30 minutes to earn another Pagie.

Planker’s Peril
Requirements: Flappy Flight
Use Flappy Flight to find & speak to Planker at the top of the center temple. Once done, complete the simple task to earn a Pagie.


Shovel Knight
Requirements: Slurp Shot
Speak to Shovel Knight near the area where you freed Clara (go up the ramp which used to lead to nowhere) & complete a minor quest to earn a Pagie.

Requirements: Slurp Shot
You need to defeat the world’s boss named Rampo to earn a Pagie. The trick to win this fight is to master the roll jump. If you hold down the roll button, but stop moving, then you can jump higher and more accurately.

Use this tactic to dodge the logs and get to Rampo’s platform.

Mr. Blowy
Requirements: Slurp Shot
Head over to the Monument at the end of the world & progress towards Mr. Blowy. You have to obtain some water seeds from the penultimate platform and then make your way to the moving platform.

Spray the water on Mr. Blowy to earn yourself the Pagie.

High in the Sky
Requirements: N/A
You should be able to see a Pagie near the Monument. There are enemies in the area so be careful!

Requirements: N/A
During the mine cart station, collect 60 gems to earn a Pagie.

Heavy Platforming
Requirements: Slurp State
Reach the massive Monument & find some cannonballs. Slurp them all & proceed to the slope to find a Pagie.

Requirements: Slurp State & Buddy Slam
After the previous Pagie, drop down onto some rising platforms & enter the Monument again. Speak with Blastooie & help him to Buddy Slam his back to earn a Pagie.

Inside the Monument
Requirements: Camo Cloak
You need to use Camo Cloak to head inside the Monument. Move past the first robot you see using your camo and you’ll be stopped by a block in your path. Return to the area with the robot and get the fire berries from there so you can melt this block.

Head towards the left and go down the ramp while using your camo. Eat the cannonball berries and then go back up to fire at the blocks through the bars.

Return to the room where you removed the blocks and then go round to the left while using your camo. From here, get the ice berries to your left, eat them, and then jump up and hit the switch.

Hop over and then jump down to the robots which is guarding the cannonball berries. Eat these berries as well and then roll up. Hop on to the platform to the west and then fire at the block through the hire bars. Finally, jump down and after passing the robot, turn left to find a Pagie.

Nimbo & Nimble
Requirements: Slurp Shot
Find Nimbo to shoot him with water & ice. Once done, race Nimble & unfreeze Nimbo to receive a Pagie.

Invisible Platforms II
Requirements: Sonar Shot
Find red platforms on the right-hand side. Continue to head up & reveal platforms using your Sonar Shot to find a Pagie at the end.

Ghost Writers
Requirements: N/A
You need to collect all available Ghost Writers in the world to earn a Pagie.

All Quills Collected
Requirements: N/A
Collect 200 Quills in the world to earn another Pagie

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