Yooka-Laylee Play Coins Locations Guide

Our Yooka-Laylee Play Coins Location guide will help players track down all these coins across the different game worlds so players can try out the arcade games for a brief respite from the main game.

One of the many collectibles in Yooka-Laylee, the Play Coins, also serve as currency for another type of mini-game present in the main game. These coins can be used to access special mini games in Rextro’s arcade.

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Yooka-Laylee Play Coins Locations

As mentioned earlier, players need to collect all the Play Coins to have full access to Rextro’s arcade.

The Arcade contains special arcade games which the players can try out by spending these coins. There is a total of 5 coins in the game so players must find one on every game world.

Tribalstack Tropics
Once you have found Rextro in the game world, you need to go on the ramp where you race Nimble the Cloud.

The track leads down into a ravine where on the left side you will find a cave with the Play Coin hovering inside it. You can get to it by jumping off of the rocks on the sides.

Glitterglaze Glacier
You must to go inside the expanded version of Icymetric Castle for this one.

Inside the castle you need to find Rextro, across the spiked trap way where you must roll to pass through, then head left into the next area and left again in the corner into the hidden door behind some boxes to get to the coin area.

This room will be filled with Play Coins but only one of them is real, the middle one on the far-right hand side of the room. You’ll know which by it opposite rotation.

Moodymaze Marsh
The Play Coin can be acquired after moving through the second underwater tunnel.

Once you leave the tunnel, find the rocky staircase beside the lake and hop up to look for a Lizard Lash tether on a crate and use their ability to pull the crate down.

Once the crate is down, hop onto the platform behind it, then look for hovering steps on the left.

You need to use Lizard Lash to reach the platform, do a 180 turn at the last one to get to the final platform where the Play Coin awaits them.

Capital Cashino
Upon first entering the world, you need to turn right and follow the path that leads to Rextro. After reaching Rextro, you can interact with the slot machine next to him placed on the right side opposite to the giant dais pile.

By using Buddy Slam, try to match all three spinner icons. Correctly matching will reward players with the coin.

To easily do that, you must first analyze the spin of the dials and the location of the icon that you want to match.

The spinner is not very fast so you can easily do this. This way you know when to press the button so that the spinner stops at your desired icon.

Galleon Galaxy
Once the world has been expanded, look for a giant pink moon in the back left-hand area of the level. get to it and look for an island that looks like a set of skull and crossbones.

The tallest peak on that island has the Play Coin on top of it. Take the sloped path to the top where you’ll find a pig at the end of the path, fly up from there to get to the peak of the rock pillar where the coin awaits.

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