Yooka-Laylee Pirate Treasure Locations Guide

Our Yooka-Laylee Pirate Treasure Locations Guide is here to help you find the secret & well-hidden treasure in the game. Pirate Treasure in Yooka-Laylee is usually well-hidden & can be elusive. Moreover, the number doesn’t appear on the Pause Menu so there is no way of telling how many you’ve already acquired

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Yooka-Laylee Pirate Treasure Locations

In our Pirate Treasure Locations Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about finding all Pirate Treasure in the game.

Tribalstack Tropics Pirate Treasure
Unlock the expansion & proceed to the world’s boss named Rampo. Proceed until you get to the last set of blasters.

Drop down from the area & head to the other side of 3x quills to find the secret treasure.

Glitterglaze Glacier Pirate Treasure
Head over to the Gloomy Gem Grotto, on the right-hand side of the lake. Continue to follow the path until you get to the smiley platform.

Once there, use the Flappy Flight to gain some altitude & find the structure on top of a mountain.

Moodymaze Marsh Pirate Treasure
You need to use Flappy Flight to get directly above the Pumping Plant & find the treasure.

Capital Cashino Pirate Treasure
Head to the entrance of the world & look behind the tome to find it. Do note that you’ll need Flappy Flight to access the treasure in sight.

Galleon Galaxy Pirate Treasure
Unlock the world’s expansion & proceed to the Velocity Terminal. Head to the door on the left-hand side of the entrance & take a left after heading down.

Now use Flappy Flight to float directly above the sea & head to the right-hand side to find the treasure.

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