Yooka-Laylee Moodymaze Marsh Pagies Locations Guide

In our Yooka-Laylee Moodymaze Marsh Pagies Locations Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about finding all available Pagies in Moodymaze Marsh. While not terribly difficult to obtain, the Pagies in the game can be relatively hard to acquire – especially if you don’t know where to look for them in the game.

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Yooka-Laylee Moodymaze Marsh Pagies Locations

Moodymaze Marsh Pagies Locations Guide will help you find all the available Pagies in this world of the game.

Pre-Expansion Pagies

Requirements: Lizard Leap
Head straight from the entrance to find Jack-O-Lantern & talk to him. Once done, hit the switch using the Buddy Slam & Lizard Leap towards the right-hand side. Head past the ridge & land on the platform with a Pagie.

Requirements: Sonar ‘Splosion
Speak to Wally a little ahead of Trowzer & Veni. Once done, head into the center of the patch & unleash a Sonar ‘Splosion to clear out all the mushrooms. Now speak to Wally again to claim a Pagie.

Underwater Challenge
Requirements: Buddy Bubble & Lizard Leap
Find an area with blue mushrooms on the right-hand side of the entrance. Once there, hit an underwater switch & head to the other side of the pool. Now use the Lizard Leap to clear the spikey ball on the left-hand side & get to the Pagie.

Lizard Lash Platforms
Requirements: Lizard Lash
Proceed through the Underwater Challenge tunnel & find a block with a Lizard Lash Point. Continue to lick the consecutive Lizard Lash Points & find another Pagie at the end.

Cut the Rope
Requirements: Sonar ‘Splosion
Head past the floating logs & head left to find a glowing cube. You need to break this cube using the Sonar ‘Splosion, slurp the fire flower & cut the rope ahead to find another Pagie.

Requirements: Sonar ‘Splosion
Head past the floating logs & head right to find a cart with a box nearby. Pull the box using the Lizard Lash & head into the lake ahead. Once at the platform, Buddy Slam the switch & Lizard Lash to the surrounding platforms followed by Buddy Slam-ing each of these to clear the poison & retrieve the Pagie.

Murky Passage
Requirements: Sonar ‘Splosion
After getting the previous Pagie, head through one of the tubes in the Poisonous Lake to enter a tank with a blowing turbine. At this point, perform a Buddy Bubble & press the pressure switch. Now pop the Buddy Bubble to proceed through the opening.

After you reach the vertical passage, continue to float up while dodging the electrical strips. Once you’re at the top, head inside the room with two pressure switches. Step on the right-hand side switch & then onto the second one to open the backdoor.

Now pop the Buddy Bubble to float the very top & press the switch in the hallway. Now pop the Buddy Bubble to proceed ahead while dodging the electrical strips. Lastly, Buddy Slam the switch to get another Pagie.

Thorned Pagie
Requirements: Fish Transformation
You need to acquire the Mollycool from the surface of the Poisonous Lake & speak to Dr. Puzz to receive the Fish Transformation. Now swim through the thorns to get the Pagie.

Dusky Duct
Requirements: Fish Transformation
You need to acquire the Mollycool from the surface of the Poisonous Lake & speak to Dr. Puzz to receive the Fish Transformation. Now swim through the pipe blocked by thorns.

Once in there, open the door by attacking the bones & continue towards the trapped Trolley. Once again, attack the bones to free Trolley and find another Pagie.

Swampy Station
Requirements: Reptile Rush
You need to head over to the Swampy Station via the Poisonous Lake & break the glass using the Reptile Rush. Now stand on the pressure switch on the platform to open the door & use the Reptile Rush to clear the doorway. You need to do this in the next four rooms to get another Pagie.

Requirements: N/A
You’re required to collect 125 gems to get this Pagie.

Trev the Tentacle
Requirements: N/A
You need to beat Trev the Tentacle, the world’s boss to get a Pagie.

Pumping Plant
Requirements: N/A
Head over to a massive pipe structure before the floating logs. Once there, use the pressure switches to move the box to the left-hand side switch under 90 seconds.

Rextro’s Arcade: Beebop
Requirements: N/A
Find Rextro’s Arcade, grab the Play Coin in the Lizard Lash platforms, & complete the mini-game without dying to collect a Pagie. If you manage to score 4,000 points in 2 minutes, you’ll receive another Pagie.

Ollie’s Maze
Requirements: N/A
Speak to Ollie near Trowzer & enter the area ahead. Try to learn the pathways & reach the center to earn a Pagie.


Cage Match
Requirements: N/A
Head straight from the entrance, past the floating logs, to find enemy-infested platform. Stand on the platform to get trapped & defeat all the enemies inside to get a Pagie.

Requirements: Sonar ‘Splosion
Speak to Clara past the Cage Match followed by heading inside the nearby pipe. Once inside, use Sonar ‘Splosion to find a gem at the end of the area & trade it with Clara for a Pagie.

First State Platforms
Requirements: Slurp State & Lizard Lash
You should be able to see platforms on fire near Clara. You need to become invulnerable to fire & reach a platform with a Buddy Slam switch & hit it to free a Pagie.

Slated Hoop Race
Requirements: N/A
Find a slated platform behind Clara with a pipe nearby. Head inside the pipe, hit the Buddy Slam switch, & pass through the hoops in under a minute to receive a Pagie.

Planker’s Garden
Requirements: Sonar ‘Splosion
After speaking to Planker, plant seeds in two different gardens to receive a Pagie as a reward.

Hotswitch Hollow
Requirements: N/A
Find a pipe leading underwater, right next to Clara. Once you’re underwater, turn on pressure switches of all four rooms to find a Pagie.

Jack-O-Lantern Platforms
Requirements: Lizard Lash
Find another Jack-O-Lantern near Clara & speak to it. Once done, use the Lizard Lash to platform through the hoops & pull down a box at the end. Finally, reach the caged Pagie before the timer runs out.

Ghost Writer Pagie
Requirements: N/A
You need to collect all the Moodymaze Marsh Ghost Writers to get another Pagie.

All Quills Collected
Requirements: N/A
You need to collect all 200 Quills in Moodymaze Marsh to get a Pagie.

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