Yooka-Laylee Mollycool Locations Guide

This Yooka-Laylee MollyCool Location guide will help players track down all five of these items across the different game worlds so players can complete the task for Dr. Puzz.

For the completionist gamers, Yooka-Laylee has a collectible to find which also changes the game in a pretty exciting way. These items, known as Mollycools, allow players to transform into other items and there is a total of five that need to be collected.

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Yooka-Laylee Mollycool Locations

As mentioned earlier, players need to collect five Mollycools for Dr. Puzz which will then allow players to turn into different items. Each game world has one Mollycool in it so finding them can be a bit time consuming.

In our Mollycool Locations Guide, we’ve detailed the locations of all five items that are required by Dr. Puzz.

Tribalstack Tropics
The first Mollycool requires players to have first purchased the Sonar Shot skill from Trowzer.

Once players have the skill, they need to go to the center of the world to the temple. A stone pillar with a sleeping statue next to it needs to be awakened.

Players can use their Sonar Shot to wake up the statue and unlock an elevator. The elevator takes the players to an area with floating platforms which they need to cross to reach the Mollycool.

Go back to Dr Puzz for transformation. D.N.Ray will transform you into a plant in Tribalstack Tropics which has two advantages:

  • You can communicate with any of the plants dotted around the world for some tips on nearby secrets.
  • It allows you to communicate with a specific plant that provides you a Pagie for fulfilling a task.

Glitterglaze Glacier
This one can be found after reaching Plankers in Glitterglaze Glacier. After reaching Plankers, players need to head past the water and use Reptile Roll to make it up the right most platform.

This will lead players to a Grenade Bush which they can pick up by using Slurp Shot.

With the grenade in their possession, players need to move to the back of the middle platform and shoot the grenade at the rock with cracks on it to reveal the Mollycool.

Transformation: Transform into Snow Plough and with the help of it remove the huge piles of snow to receive the snowman hats which are generally requested by the snowmen in the game.

Moodymaze Marsh
This Mollycool is in the area where players to have clean up the water by activating the filters on Jolly the Trolley.

Once the water has been cleaned, players can dive in to find a cylinder with Mollycool inside it. Sonar ‘Splosion can be useful here to blow up the cylinder and acquire Mollycool for Dr. Puzz.

Transformation: you transform into a school of piranha, after which you are able to swim underwater without any fear of losing breath. You can also clear stock of bones which are found underwater which lets you pass through clusters of underwater thorns as well.

Capital Cashino
This Mollycool is pretty much next to where players meet Dr. Puzz and requires players to operate the slot machines.

Players need to go up to the red slot machine as that is where the item will be but first they need to play the mini-game to unlock it.

Lizard Lash can be used here to power up the machines and start the spinner.

Once the machine starts spinning, players need to use Buddy Slam to stop the spinners and then land on Yooka and Laylee’s tiles. If they manage to land on all three tiles, players will unlock the Mollycool.

Transformation: you will transform into a helicopter which gives you the permission to fly around the map and is also useful in collecting the levels health extender, yellow ghost writer and also in holding extra quills

Galleon Galaxy
This one is located on top of the lighthouse. Once players cross the massive gap at the top, they need to use Flappy Flight to reach even higher and collect the Mollycool.

Transformation: you will turn into a boat with different elemental attacks to solve puzzles and explore waters.

This transformation is very important as it is required to gather pagies, other collectibles as well as reaching World 5 boss Planette.

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