Yooka-Laylee Glitterglaze Glacier Pagies Locations Guide

In our Yooka-Laylee Glitterglaze Glacier Pagies Locations Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about finding all available Pagies in Glitterglaze Glacier.

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Yooka-Laylee Glitterglaze Glacier Pagies Locations

While not terribly difficult to obtain, the Pagies in the game can be relatively hard to acquire – especially if you don’t know where to look for them in the game.

Race through Rings
Requirements: N/A
Head right from Vendi to find a Pagie inside a cage. Use the Buddy Slam on the switch to active time trial rings. Complete the whole course across rings to get this pagie.

Light the Fires
Requirements: Slurp State
Slurp fire & head inside the frozen cave straight from the entrance. Once inside, light four fires to free a Pagie.

Mr Bones and the Igloos
Requirements: N/A
Speak to Mr Bones past the frozen cave & Buddy Slam igloos to receive a Pagie.

Ice Crystal Puzzle
Requirements: Sonar Shot & Lizard Leap
Head inside the Crystalline Cave on the right side of the entrance & solve the puzzle by hitting the crystals in the correct sequence to find a Pagie.

Unfinished Capital B Statue                                                                                                             Requirements: N/A                                                                                                                        Finish the Capital B Statue after talking to the sign post creature to earn this page.

Climb up and Activate the Switches                                                                                              Requirements:                                                                                                                                  Bash the switch behind Kartos to be able to jump off various platforms. Along the way, keep on turning on the switches while making sure you stay in the safe areas. Wait for the right moment to acquire the paige.

Four Moving Platforms
Requirements: N/A
You need to find moving platforms on the far right-hand side of the lake. Simply reach the last platform to find a Pagie.

Paige Following Moving Platforms in Icymetric Palace
Requirements: Slurp State & Lizard Leap
Find the platforming puzzle on the far side of the lake & slurp some cannonballs. After getting heavier, Buddy Slam three switches to free a Pagie.

Paige in Ice block in Icymetric Palace
Requirements: Defeat Icymetric Palace Boss
Buddy Slam the tile in front of the vent to push the cube over the vent to receive a Pagie.

Icymetric Palace Pagie – Through Water Door
Requirements: Sonar Shot
Head to the underwater entrance to the Icymetric Palace & float to the very top of the room. Once in there, shot down each totem in the game to free a Pagie.

Hot Tube Pagie in Lower Icymetric Palace
Requirements: Buddy Bubble & Defeat Barreze Blok
Proceed through the Icymetric Palace until you reach a room with enemies. Clear the enemies and continue walking to find a hot tub and a Pagie. Perform Buddy Bubble to release the Pagie.


Shine The Light Paige in Icymetric Palace
Requirements: Slurp Shot & Slurp State
After receiving the previous Pagie, open the door ahead, complete the hoops, & solve the puzzle in the next room. Finally, use your Camo ability to direct a beam of light onto the Paige and release it.

High Flying Paige
Requirements: Flappy Flight
Head to the Icymetric Palace & hit a Buddy Slam switch on a small ledge. Complete the hoop race afterwards.

Pagie in the Dark
Requirements: Sonar Shot, Flappy Flight, & Slurp State
Head left from the entrance of Icymetric Palace, head right, and up top. Glide past the blowers, head right, & hit the totem with Sonar Shot. Now slurp the icy flowers, shoot every target within 45 seconds, & slurp the fireflies. Head to the back of the room to answer some quizzes i.e. 1, a chest, & 2.

Kartos Mine Challenge
Requirements: N/A
Speak to Kartos to start the mine cart section & receive 80 gems to get a Pagie.

Gloomy Gem Grotto
Requirements: Slurp State
You must slurp fireflies & reach the end of the cave on the far right-hand side of the lake to find a Pagie.

Requirements: Snow Plough Transformation
After receiving the Mollycool, track down each of the snowmen hats across the world to find a Pagie.

Poison Platform
Requirements: Slurp Shot & Slurp State
Head left, left, & right from the entrance to come to a platform section. You need to make it all way to the end to find a Pagie.

Moving Walls
Requirements: Lizard Leap
Head right from the entrance & proceed through the narrow hallway to come across a jumping puzzle. Complete it using the Lizard Leap to find a Pagie at the end.

Requirements: N/A
While playing Glaciators, beat the game without dying to earn a Pagie. During the second attempt, score more than 1,400 points to earn another Pagie.

Pagie Over Rotating Pipes Inside Burnie
Requirements: Slurp Shot
You simply need to defeat Brrreeze Blok to earn a Pagie. Once you head in to Bernie, you will find this this Pagie over the other side of the rotating pipes.

Pagie Above Air Vent Near Burnie
: Defeat Brrreeze Blok                                                                                                Head into the room with Burnie. Once there, glide up the vent to find another Pagie.

Final Room
Requirements: Flappy Flight & Roll
After the boss room, head inside one final room & use Flappy Flight to find another Pagie.

Ghost Writer Pagie
Requirements: N/A
You need to collect all the Ghost Writers in the area to find a Pagie.

Quills Pagie
Requirements: N/A
You need to collect all 200 of the quills in the world to collect another Pagie.

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