Yooka-Laylee Capital Cashino Pagies Locations Guide

Yooka-Laylee Capital Cashino Pagies Locations Guide to help you find all the Pagies in this world of the game.

While not terribly difficult to obtain, the Pagies in the game can be relatively hard to acquire – especially if you don’t know where to look.

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Yooka-Laylee Capital Cashino Pagies Locations

Requirements: None
You need to head over to right-hand side of the area & speak to Kartos to start another mine cart section. Now score 150 gems to get a Pagie.

Requirements: None
Receive 150 gems in the Kartos section & defeat I.N.E.P.T. to get another Pagie.

Hurdle Hijinx
Requirements: None
Head over to Rextro’s Arcade, acquire a Play Coin, & complete the mini-game to get a Pagie.

Hurdle Hijinx High Score
Requirements: None
Complete one round of the mini-game & beat Rextro’s record of 24,000 points to get a Pagie.

Ghost Writer Pagie
After collecting all Capital Casino Ghost Writers you will get this Pagie.

All Quills Collected
Once you collect all 200 Quills in Capital Casino you will get this Pagie.

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