Yooka-Laylee Butterfly Boosters Location Guide

Our Yooka-Laylee Butterfly Boosters Location guide will help players track down all six of these boosters across the different game worlds so players can have a better chance of surviving in the game.

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Yooka-Laylee Butterfly Boosters Location

Players need to collect six Butterfly Boosters to maximize their health pool. Each game world has one booster in it so finding them can be a bit time consuming but the end reward is worth it.

In our Butterfly Boosters Location Guide, we’ve detailed the locations of all six Butterfly Boosters in the game.

Hivory Towers
The first booster is in the main game hub. Once players are in the tutorial area just before the Hivory Towers, they need to jump towards a pipe sticking out of the rocks and try to land on a rock slightly protruding from the wall.

Once players are on this rock, they can head up the gap, take a right and then pick up the Butterfly Booster next to a fence.

However, this might require players to have first learned the Flappy Flight move from Trowzer.

Tribalstack Tropics
After expanding Tribalstack Tropics, players need to head up the left most area to the back of the game world where the ramp will take them to Monument Mountain.

At the top of the ramp, players need to turn right and move around the back until they spot a maze in the wall. Moving through this maze, players will collect the booster at the end.

Glitterglaze Glacier
Players need to go inside the Icymetric Castle and go to the room where they meet Burnie. After the boss has been defeated, they need to go back to the first room of the castle and use Glide while standing on the vent in the corner. This will take players to a set of moving platforms that lead to the Butterfly Booster.

Moodymaze Marsh
After expanding the Marsh, players need to enter the area and follow the newly opened path of floating logs until they reach Mr. Blowy.

The booster is near him, under the water in a block of ice. To get this booster, players will need Bubble Walk and Sonic ‘Splosion to bring out the block from underwater and then open it up.

Capital Cashino
Players will need Flappy Flight to reach the booster in this world. Once they are in the area, they need to go towards the water in the center of the game world where the booster will be located.

Alternatively, if players don’t have Flappy Flight, they can use the world’s Mollycool to transform themselves and reach the booster

Galleon Galaxy
Once the world has been expanded, players need to head left from the starting area until they reach a small planet.

Making their way through a door on the top will lead players to a tube which leads them to the maze. The Butterfly booster is at the end of the maze so players will need to complete it.

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