Yoku’s Island Express Ball Colors Locations Guide

The Yoku’s Island Express Ball Colors Locations Guide is for collecting all the Ball Colors to better customize your pinball and in turn complete objectives that were otherwise not possible.

Our Yoku’s Island Express Ball Colors Locations Guide will detail the locations for where you can find these Colored Balls and how you can grab them.

Yoku’s Island Express Ball Colors

Different varieties of the pinball are not just for cosmetic purposes, but also play into the game mechanism. You can proceed to combine two different types of pinballs to form a single unique one.

An example of this is the combination of Creepy Sprinkle and Sweet Sprinkle to give a Bee Ball that allows you access to the beehive to complete a task there.

Sweet Sprinkle
In the Mushroom Beach region, make your way to the Cove Mushroom. You can find the Sweet Sprinkle right of this landmark. Use your grapple hook to ascend and reach the treasure.

Deadly Sprinkle
This one will be located at the hideout of the Skull Gang. Players will be required to complete a puzzle and retrieve the ball from underwater.

First, push a large boulder into the water and allow it to reach the floor by opening up passages via the pressure switches. Now you will be able to open the gate that leads to the Deadly Sprinkle.

Crimson Sprinkle
With the egg that is not hatched yet, proceed to Dipperloaf at White Cliff. Now for the egg to hatch, you would need to go out of this region and return when around 5 minutes have passed.

After waiting, head back to Dipperloaf to receive Crimson Sprinkle as the reward.

Creepy Sprinkle
For this particular ball skin, you will need to purchase it with some fruits. First, go to the Cave Temple Treasury where you will find Liquorice. Now, give him 200 Fruits to get the Creepy Sprinkle.

Bling Sprinkle
This one is located near the waterfall of the Cave Temple. Make your way to the nearby Caves and find the Bling Sprinkle in a Treasure Chest.

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