Yoku’s Island Express Ability Upgrades Locations Guide – How To Unlock That’s A Big Backpack Achievement/Trophy

Our Yoku’s Island Express Ability Upgrades Locations Guide helps you unlock the ‘That’s A Big Backpack’ Trophy/Achievement in Yoku’s Island Express.

Since there are some tasks that need to be completed first and some items to be collected, our Yoku’s Island Express Ability Upgrades Locations Guide will guide you through the various steps to acquire the Trophy/Achievement.

Yoku’s Island Express Ability Upgrades

First, you will need to obtain some necessary items throughout the course of your game if you want to set your hands on the Achievement/Trophy.

They can be obtained pretty naturally, as you play through the game. These 5 essential things/characters include:

Yoku's Island Express (3)

  • Kickback
  • The Noisemaker
  • Sootling on a Leash

Some other things that are required for the achievement to pop up include:

Yoku's Island Express (4)

  • The Slug Vacuum Deluxe, which is just a fancier version of Slug Vacuum obtainable once you have completed the ‘Spread the Spores’ quest by speaking with Rinri.
  • The Boon of Plenty that can be received as a reward for a quest that is trigger upon losing fruits multiple times by falling over. The quest can be acquired from the crimson guard who will task you with a small pinball session. Complete it to receive the item.
  • The fast Dive Fish can be collected as a reward for a quest for Willo. Remember, only after he tells you to carry out the task, proceed and smash the ice crystal above a frozen lake to collect the items that it reveals. Smashing the crystal before being instructed will just make the whole quest glitch.
  • The grandmaster badge which is obtained when you deliver 3 packages and post 30 letters.
  • The Fat Skvader, an upgraded version of Skvader, and can be found in a breakable crystal or a Treasure Chest.

The Trophy/Achievement should pop up by now if you have collected all the above-listed items. However, if it does not show up then you would have to complete one final task that is to go back and reacquire Kickback who is the bad guy now.

Head to the Ivory Peaks using the beeline and drop off 2 stops before the end. Kickback will be in an alcove and will be begging for forgiveness.

Accept his apology and allow him to join you again. The Achievement/Trophy will have definitely popped up by now.

This is all we have in our Yoku’s Island Express Ability Upgrades Locations Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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