Yo-Kai Watch – How to Find Yo-Kai

Yo-Kai in Yo-Kai Watch lurk in every nook and corner in Springdale and its surrounding areas.

You should hit town and try to find as many as you can. In order to find them, you’ll need to know a few searching methods to find as many as you can.

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There are three methods, all explained in this guide, that should help you locate plenty of Yo-Kai. Note that finding a Yo-Kai often triggers a battle – but that’s your exact chance to befriend that Yo-Kai!

Using Watch Mode
Yo-Kai often tend to be near places like tall grass, electric poles, and even vending machines. When you get near areas, your Yo-Kai radar is likely to go off. You’ll see the magnifying glass icon appear on the screen.

At this moment, press A to switch the view to ‘Watch Mode.’ This lets you search for the Yo-Kai with the Yo-Kai Lens. You’ll need to observe carefully for a purple shimmer that reveals the location.

When your lens reveals a Yo-Kai during the Watch Mode, you won’t go into battle immediately. Instead, you’ll have to keep your lens over the target till the gauge around the lens fills up.

Sometimes, there are certain Yo-Kai who will try to flee when spotted. This is observed more with stronger Yo-Kai who are better at evading your Lens, making it harder to fill the meter.

Yo-Kai Radar
Another method to find and discover Yo-Kai is through the Yo-Kai Radar. This picks a strong signal and shows a question mark. When the question mark appears, it means the Yo-Kai is in the open, not hidden up a tree or under a car.

The Watch Mode can then be triggered by pressing Y and bringing up your lens. You can repeat the same process as used in using Watch Mode to find the Yo-Kai then.

Watch for when the needle to go in the red zone in the Radar as you explore. That’s indication of the exact spot of the Yo-Kai. The difference is that during an open Yo-Kai Radar search is that the Yo-Kai won’t run from you in this case, so you can take your time to search.

Yo-Kai Hangouts
Some nooks, buildings, and allies are actually hangouts for more aggressive Yo-Kai. You can find them wandering around the place, fully visible. They are often marked as red icons on your map.

Exploring such places is quite useful if you’re looking for some quick EXP-boosting combat to level your party. Yo-Kai won’t wander if you find them in allies and such.

Instead, they’ll head in for a fight the moment you spot them in a Hangout.

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