Yo-Kai Watch: How to Befriend Yo-Kai, Manage Medals, Best Yo-Kai Order

There are two ways to make friends with a Yo-kai in Yo-kai Watch.

You’ll automatically befriend a few as a part of the main storyline. The second way is to discover them through various means in Watch Mode, or to simply find one in the back of an alley.

When you find these ‘wilder’ Yo-kai, you’ll have to fight them in battle to befriend them. It’s generally a matter of luck whether a Yo-kai will befriend you after battle or not, but you can boost your chances if you give the Yo-kai its favorite food.

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When a Yo-kai befriends you, you’ll receive a Medal. This Medal is essentially a symbol of friendship, and also what you use to summon the Yo-kai into battle.

Although you can acquire as many medals as possible, you’re limited to carrying six at once time. These six Yo-kai are your active party, and fight your battles.

The remaining medals that you collect are stored in the pages of your Yo-kai Medallium, which contains your reserved force.

You can’t swap reserves for active ones any time you like – there are special places where you can place them in your active Wheel.

Duplicate Yo-kai

You’ll often come across the same Yo-kai more than once. Some Yo-kai become more powerful if you possess multiples of the same type. Each type of Yo-kai can be acquired up to six times.

The more duplicates you have, the less likely that you befriend that kind of Yo-kai again. This can make acquiring the same type of Yo-kai quite a challenge and enduring activity.

Swapping Medals
Every now and then you’ll manage to befriend a Yo-kai that is more powerful than one of your active Yo-kais.

Keeping such a powerful Yo-kai in the reserves is a waste of its abilities. You’ll want to swap them and use the new Yo-kai in your active Wheel.

Unfortunately, you can’t do that wherever and whenever you want. In order swap Yo-kai Medels, you’ll need to do either one of two things:

  • Use the Yo-kai Medallium on the floor of your main character’s bedroom
  • Use the glowing Eyepo creatures. You can find these in convenience stores, post offices, banks, and other public areas. Eyepo look like blue flames with an eyeball. These creatures fully replenish the HP and Soul Meters of all your Yo-kai, and also give you the option to swap them

Yo-Kai Order
The six Yo-kai in your Yo-kai Wheel are displayed in a circle. The three on top form the front line that fights in a battle.

The bottom three start the battle in standby mode. You may want to change the order of the Wheel, which can be done anytime you like as long as you are outside of battle.

Once your battle starts, you can ‘rotate’ the feel to make the standby the active ones and put the active trio into standby, but you can’t swap around.

Think carefully about where to play your Yo-kai on the wheel for maximum effectiveness and diversity in abilities. Formations of the Yo-kai do have a tangible effect on how well they fight in battle.

If you place two Yo-kai from the same tribe next to each other in your Yo-kai Wheel front or back line, the alignment will result in a stat-boosting Formation Effect. Lining up three Yo-kai from the same tribe further increases the effect.

Note that this effect is lowered or lost if one of the tribesman Yo-kai goes down in the formation.

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