Yo-Kai Watch Evolution and Fusion Guide: Rare Yo-Kai, How to Make Powerful

Evolution in Yo-Kai Watch is an important part of the game. It is essentially how your Yo-Kai friends grow and become more powerful.

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Yo-Kai Watch Evolution and Fusion

It’s not entirely an automated procedure though, and sometimes requires a lot of input from the players, especially if they want to get some really unique and powerful Yo-Kai. This guide will help you obtain exactly that.


Evolution can be carried out in two ways: either by simply leveling your Yo-Kai to a specific level, or by Fusion. Both types of Evolutions are profoundly different from one another.

Natural evolution makes a Yo-Kai transform themselves into more powerful versions with new names. The level at which they evolve varies from Yo-Kai to Yo-Kai. There are fifteen special Yo-Kai in the game that can evolve naturally in this manner.

The earliest evolution level is 15, which is what the Yo-Kai D’wanna needs to evolve. The latest is Komason and Komajiro, who can evolve at level 35. Generally, the later a Yo-Kai is able to evolve, the more powerful the evolved form will be.

It is important to note that evolution is not exactly a spontaneous event. When your Yo-Kai reaches the required evolutionary level, you can choose not to evolve it if you wish.

Don’t worry, the Yo-Kai will still be able to evolve at its next level if you change your mind.

Yo-Kai Evolutions
The following are the Yo-Kai evolutions in the game:

Level: 15
Evolves to: N’more

Evolves to: Moskevil

Evolves to: Undy

Evolves to: Cutta-nah-nah

Evolves to: Cadable

Evolves to: Hungorge

Evolves to: Blandon

Evolves to: Drizzle

Evolves to: Alhail

Evolves to: Badude

Evolves to: Rageon

Evolves to: Impass

Evolves to: Appak

Evolves to: Komane

Level: 35
Evolves to: Komiger


Fusion is another way to evolve your Yo-Kai, but it is more ‘artificial.’ It requires you to visit Mr. Zen at the Shoten Temple, who can perform the process. There are two types of Fusions that you can perform.

Fusing Two Yo-Kai
Fusion allows you to combine two Yo-Kai into a unique, new one. If you decide to fuse two source Yo-Kai, the resulting entity will have the combined traits of its progenitors.

While most fusions occur by combining two different Yo-Kai, there are certain ones that are formed by combining two copies of the same type.

When you Fuse two Yo-Kais, the resultant Yo-Kai will have the average level of the two source progenitors. This means that if one Yo-Kai is Level 14 and the other Level 10, the level of the resultant Yo-Kai will be 12.

  • Helmsman + Armsman—-> Reuknight
  • Tattletell + Lafalotta—-> Tattlecast
  • Dulluma + Mochismo—-> Darumacho
  • Dazzabel + Cupistol—-> Rattelle
  • Castelius III + Castelius III—-> Castelius II
  • Castelius II + Castelius II—-> Castelius I
  • Jibanyan + Coughkoff—-> Thornyan
  • Jibanyan + Roughraff—-> Baddinyan
  • Manjimutt + Manjimutt—-> Multimutt
  • Enerfly + Enefly—-> Betterfly
  • Happierre + Dismarelda—-> Reversa
  • Hidabat + Tengloom—-> Abodabat

Fusing Yo-Kai with Item
The second type of Fusion you can perform in the game is a Yo-Kai with a specific item. This can result in powerful and unique Yo-Kais. The level of the resultant Yo-Kai is the same as the source Yo-Kai in this case.

There are sixteen rare Yo-Kai that can be created if you fuse a specific one with a certain item.

  • Castelius I + Platinum Bar —-> Castelius Max
  • Chansin + Legendary Blade —-> Sheen
  • Chansin + Cursed Blade —-> Snee
  • Chansin + Holy Blade —-> Gleam
  • Beetler + General’s Soul —-> Beetall
  • Cupistol + Love Buster —-> Casanuva
  • Signibble + GHz Orb —-> Signiton
  • Frostina + Glacial Clip —-> Blizzaria
  • Rhinoggin + Unbeatable Soul —-> Rhinormous
  • Pupsicle + Snowstorm Cloak —-> Chilhuahua
  • Shmoopie + Love Scepter —-> Pinkipoo
  • Ake + Buff Weight —-> Payn
  • Grumples + Ageless Powder —-> Everfore
  • Timidevil + Shard of Evil —-> Beelzebold
  • Noko + Drop of Joy —-> Bloominoko
  • Draggie + Dragon Orb —-> Dragon Lord

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